How to Get Rid of Lower Back Fat (Plus 3 Back Toning Exercise Routines)

Your back has one of the largest muscle groups in your body. It is also one of the hardest areas to tone, and this fact leaves many men and women feeling frustrated. Luckily, there are many ways to effectively lose that annoying back fat, particularly around the lower part. This article has all the tips […]

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Natural lip softeners

How to Get Soft Lips: 9 Natural Ways With Pictures!

Your lips need care just like the rest of your face.  When they’re healthy and well-maintained, they’re soft, pink and full.  Bad habits and poor health can, however, make your lips dry, cracked and discolored.  If you’re dealing with this kind of problem now, the good news is there are ways for you to restore […]

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Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Reviews

Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Reviews & Buying Guide (Updated 2017 List!)

Airbrushing is the way most celebrities achieve their most unique and incredible looks but it isn’t only for celebrities. A high quality airbrushing kit will come with a hefty price tag—often $200 or more—but these kits will give you superior coverage and an incredibly elegant look. In this article we’ll introduce some of the best […]

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woman happy with no acne after using good face moisturizer.

Best Moisturizers For Acne Prone Skin

Picking a moisturizer for acne prone skin can be challenging but the right product can be highly beneficial for your skin. If you are coping with acne and blemishes, the idea of applying a moisturizer may not seem fruitful as all you want is keep your skin oil-free. But a good moisturizer has much more […]

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woman using grapeseed oil for long beautiful hari

5 Amazing Benefits of Grapeseed Oil for Hair and Health

If your hair is a bit lackluster these days, you may be on the hunt for the perfect product. Skip the hair product aisle and get a bottle of grapeseed oil. You may not have considered grapeseed oil for hair. But its high vitamin E content, minerals, proteins and linoleic acid give it all sorts of benefits […]

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check out this article for the best stretch mark cream

Best Stretch Mark Cream

Sometimes our bodies may struggle to keep up with rapid skin growth. For instance, women who experienced a growth spurt as teenagers or those who are pregnant may have their skin stretched beyond its normal limit. This expansion of the skin causes unsightly stretch marks. Most of us will have stretch marks at some point […]

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Woman using sunset eyeshadow for stunning look.

The Ultimate Guide to Sunset Eyeshadow Palettes

Hey guys & gals I’d like to introduce  Amanda Hwang. She is a blogger and dance student sharing her love for beauty, fashion, and life. Enjoy her piece below on finding the best sunset eyeshadow for you. Check out her blog at With summer coming up, many brands are jumping on the bandwagon of coming out […]

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check out this article to find the best yoga pants for you

Your Ultimate Guide To Everything Yoga Pants

Long gone are the days when only yogis or those hitting the gym would opt for a pair of lightweight, comfortable and often form fitting yoga pants. They are trendy, comfortable and wearable. And easily shift from one purpose to another. Women love to add a few each season to their wardrobes, each for their […]

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learn how to grow thicker eyebrows

How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows Naturally

Full, well-shaped eyebrows frame our face & highlight our personality, as they are part of our body language. Think about all the different shapes they take on depending on how we’re feeling. Kinda crazy…They play a major part in communicating our emotions to the world. We’re all aware of how bold eyebrows have become common, […]

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Best Peel-Off Masks

Choosing the best peel off mask marks your first step towards having even toned smooth facial skin. But it’s not an easy process given the numerous brands and types you need to comb through. Remember that the face mask that’s best for one skin type isn’t necessarily great for your skin. So therefore, before investing […]

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How To Lose Neck Fat (10 Exercises Included)

Fat around the neck tends to be more prominent than fat in other body parts since it’s close to the face.  Excess fat can also call unnecessary attention because it looks unpleasant.  At the same time, those pounds are difficult to lose.  The good news is that by following the right diet, exercising regularly and […]

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Top 9 Natural Remedies For Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Top 9 Natural Remedies For Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark under-eye circles can make or break your overall look. While you can easily cover them up with makeup, there are natural remedies to get rid of them. The good news is that the ingredients are available in your kitchen. Below are some tipsyou can use. 9 Natural Remedies For Dark Circles Under The Eyes 1. […]

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Juicing For Acne - 6 Juices For Clear Skin

Juicing For Acne: 6 Juices For Clear Skin

Achieving healthy, glowing skin is everyone’s goal. Everybody wants to age gracefully and, as much as possible, the natural way. The good news is that you can find the recipes for better skin in your kitchen. Below are six easy juice recipes packed with health benefits. 6 Juices For Clear Skin Pineapple and cucumber Prepare the […]

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