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Best 3 Barrel Curling Irons 2016 2017

Best 3 Barrel Curling Irons Reviewed (2017s Top Rated Option Revealed)

Last updated 24th January 2017 If you one of those individuals who fancy hair waves depicted in most of the popular fashion magazines, chances are you could be having a difficult time achieving such looks with a normal curling iron. it is not difficult finding these great pieces of equipment. In addition, some brands of […]

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Best Organic Shampoo

Best Organic Shampoo For Oily Hair, Normal Hair, Hair Loss & Babies

Most of the shampoo you see at the drugstore or the grocery store is full of nasty chemicals that really shouldn’t be going on your hair, on your scalp or down your drain into the water system. You’ve probably heard that you shouldn’t use shampoo every day for this very reason, but have you considered […]

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best hair dryer for fine hair

Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair

Hair dryers are used by many as part of their daily regular hair styling routine. Different brands and designs compete on the market and can confuse those who don’t know what their hair really needs. Before we get down to the meatier part, we present’ 1st Choice Award to Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 2000 Watt Ionic […]

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Best hot roller reviews 2016

Best Hot Rollers – 2017 Official Hot Roller Reviews Guide

(last updated 8th January, 2017) Hot rollers are like any other rollers that women use to set their own “dos”. However, the word HOT enables prolonged curls and twists that ordinary rollers cannot provide. Hot rollers are the most convenient tools for enhancing hairstyle that women use today. Gone are the days when women used […]

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Best Heated Eyelash Curler 2016

Best Heated Eyelash Curler (Top 7 – Updated 2017 List)

Most women strive for the natural look with properly made up thick, long, upturned lashes. However, not all of them can do just that. With today’s innovations, lashes can now make you standout and using heated eyelash curlers are the best tools to consider. There are new ways to create attractive lashes and among them is a […]

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best flat iron for thick hair

Top 6 Best Flat Irons For Thick Hair

Dull hair or a limp mane is among the dreadful things to happen to an individual. However, having frizzy hair tops the list. Hair issues like these are more likely to cause anti-social behaviors not only for teenagers but majority of the world’s population. But with today’s advanced hair technology, even frizzy hair doesn’t stand […]

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Best Flat Iron Hair Straightener 2016

Best Flat Iron Reviews 2017: Find the Best For Short, Long, Fine & Wavy Hair

Last updated, 23rd January 2017 Instinctively it seems like purchasing a flat iron should be straightforward—after all, it’s one of the simplest tools you use—but there are so many companies and models available that it can be confusing for even the most experienced customers. What you need depends entirely on how you use your flat iron, […]

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Hot Air Brushes Reviews 2016

Best Hot Air Brushes 2017 (Top 10 Reviewed For Value)

Updated 14th March 2017. Women need plenty of time to get themselves ready to face another day. A woman who is confident about herself can conquer anything she faces. This is why it is important to always look and feel great, but what if time is not on your side? Many busy women complain about […]

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Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Reviews

Best Airbrush Makeup Kit Reviews & Buying Guide (Updated 2017 List!)

Airbrushing is the way most celebrities achieve their most unique and incredible looks but it isn’t only for celebrities. A high quality airbrushing kit will come with a hefty price tag—often $200 or more—but these kits will give you superior coverage and an incredibly elegant look. In this article we’ll introduce some of the best […]

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