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Best Mustache Waxes

Whenever a man looks in the mirror and starts to think about his facial features, naturally, the mustache captures the eyes first. You may be
surprised by the hundreds of different looks attained from that small patch of hair below the nose. Sadly, just growing a mustache doesn’t guarantee you a slot in the ranks of the most stylish men… a classy one calls for more. To have that distinctive curl and ever-shining hair, you’ll need the right styling agent ala mustache wax!

Our Favorite Mustache Waxes

But for many, knowing the right mustache wax for their particular kind of mustache is never a walk in the park. You might think that you are rocking in a stache that makes you refined and manly, but in reality, people might confuse you with someone’s creepy granny;)

There are many mustache wax products on the market, each with different elements makes one consider various products before settling on one.

What to consider when identifying the best mustache wax for you…Choosing the best mustache wax can be a bit confusing especially for the first time users, and while considering the individual’s styles and preferences, the following should be taken into account:

Type of wax

The stiffness of the wax plays a significant role in the shape and design of the mustache. Gentlemen with extremely thick facial hair will require stiff and strong wax. But for a pencil mustache, soft wax is ideal.


Mustache happens to be right under the nose, and who hates a good smell? Mustache wax that smells nice is a huge bonus. Some smells are irritating though and this influences the kind of wax that best suits you based on your fragrance preference. However, some men are naturally sensitive to smell and there are definitely light scent products for you guys.


Unless you want to look like a clown, you can’t pick a black wax for a blonde mustache. Choose the color that goes with the color of your mustache and the one that best suits you. A neutral color is highly recommended.


It is natural for anyone to consider the price of any product when buying. Like any other products, price differs among brands. While you can argue that the higher the price, the better the quality, that’s not always the case.


A small bottle is preferred for portability efficiency. Also, packing in the form of tube reduces the time consumed when applying as it makes the process much easier.

Various types of mustache wax

Regarding the ingredients, there are two main types of mustache wax products. The all natural products and the ones with added
synthetic elements. Natural waxes are made entirely from natural and organic ingredients. These includes beeswax and carrier oils. Natural products are recommended for health benefits. I don’t like to put anything on my skin that wouldn’t be safe to put in my body. Nowadays we can hardly live beyond our 80s, unlike our great granny’s who could celebrate their 150th birthdays, thanks to the all natural foods they consumed;) Those products that are not purely natural have added synthetic components. Petroleum jelly is most common.

Our favorite mustache wax brands

The rise of men having styled mustaches has led to different brands in the market. The ones that have been reported to have
remarkable worked well include:

  • Wild Willie’s Stache Wax
  • Woodsman Mustache Wax
  • Honest Amish Beard Wax
  • Fisticuffs Mustache Wax
  • Premium Beardsmen Spirit Mustache WAX
  • Stache Bomb Stache Wax
  • Firehouse Mustache Wax

Where to purchase

For online purchase, offers fantastic prices. Wild West Beards are also trusted suppliers.

Tips on using your mustache wax

For the right consistency, most waxes require being warmed up. Now with a warmed wax, you only need to swirl it in your fingers to make it smooth. Put the desired amount in the mustache as you brush underneath, putting the hairs away from the lips to the ends. As the hair becomes more pliable, work with it until you have achieved the desired shape.

The best mustache wax products

1. Wild Willie’s Mustache Wax

The Manskape Wild Willies Stache Wax To Go- Original
  • We took our famous stache wax and made is even easier than before to make sure your lip sweater is prim and proper
  • Wild willie's stache wax is created with the finest organic natural ingredients on the market
  • Our wax not only gives you a firmly held mustache, but also treats it at the same time
  • we recommend to use the "wild willies wax remover" in combination of this product

Wild Willie’s is a purely natural and organic product that excludes any colorants, chemicals, scents or other additives. This product is jam-packed with mineral oils and vitamins such as almond oil and tea tree oils which protect the hairs from dryness and split closures, making it well nourished. Wild Willie’s is pretty versatile and withstands humidity and heat. The price, however, is relatively higher compared to others.

2. Woodsman Mustache Wax

Woodsman Mustache Wax 1 Ounce Tin of Strong All Day Hold Mustache Wax, with Beeswax, Lanolin and Jojoba Oil, Men's Care Great Smelling Facial Hair Products
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – The Woodsman Mustache Wax is made from Natural Beeswax, Lanolin, Natural Fragrance, Cocoa Butter, & Jojoba Oil
  • GREAT SMELL – Subtle but noticeable woodsy scent of Texas Cedar and Pine. Scented with exotic, essential oils and extracts
  • AMAZING HOLD - The Bearded Bastard’s Natural Ingredients combine to create a Strong Hold Mustache Wax that lasts all day and conditions hair
  • The Bearded Bastard Woodsman Mustache Wax – 1 oz. tin with a handsome laser-etched wooden label
  • Handcrafted in the Heart of Texas – American Made Firm Hold Stash Wax adds fullness while nourishing your hair

As you open the container, you almost imagine breathing in crisp mountain air. Its amazing smell of Texas cedarwood, pine needles and sandalwood and the long hold makes it classy and the manliest. Those with the walrus mustache love it having such a bold scent on their bushy hairs. Key components include beeswax, cocoa butter, lanolin, natural fragrance and jojoba oil.

3. Honest Amish Beard Wax

Honest Amish Original Beard Wax - Made from Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Beard Control, Light Shaping, Rogue Hair Control
  • All Natural and Organic Ingredients
  • Softens and Conditions, Tames Unruly Beard Hairs
  • The Most Trusted Brand for Beards in the World

Honest Amish is the most enjoyed Mustache wax by the dark-haired men. It is the easiest to apply even on tangled hair, with just a basic comb, credited to its more waxier consistency. Amish is based on a combination of organic oils, nut oil, butter, fruit oils and beeswax, thoroughly blended by hand. It has a lightly spiced smell but not too strong. Its wax is perfect for basic grooming but not full styling.

4. Fisticuffs Mustache Wax

Fisticuffs Mustache Wax 15g Tin
  • hand poured
  • Keeps Mustache out of your mouth
  • Pleasant citrus/rosemary aroma
  • convenient pocket size tin
  • Great for Handlebar curls

Fisticuffs mustache wax is widely considered as an excellent option for beginners, given its lower price point and how moderate it is, to weak holds. Those with English Mustaches that don’t need much external styling agents finds this more convenient. Key features include beeswax, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil. Petroleum jelly is added as a synthetic ingredient making it not to be considered as an all natural product. The product has a citrus scent which is pleasant and dissipates within the first hour of use.

5. Stache Bomb Stache Wax

Stache Bomb Stache Wax Mustache Comb and Mustache Wax Set
  • Handmade especially for handlebar moustaches!
  • One tin of Original Stache Bomb Stache Wax
  • One Stache Bomb mustache comb, pocket sized
  • High quality handmade mustache comb, not a flimsy cheap switchblade comb
  • Includes a Stache Bomb logo guitar pick as a mustache wax scraper, or just use it to shred some epic metal! m/

Stache Bomb offers a softer wax than other waxes on the market. It is handmade and works perfectly well on FU Manchu, Zappa, and chevron mustaches. Key elements are beeswax, petroleum jelly, and fragrance. A great pine smell and yellowish in color makes it perfect, especially for handlebars. Stache Bomb is handmade and works great on goatees, sideburns and short beards as it helps to hold the stray hairs firm. Price for this product is moderate.


Amongst men, there is perhaps no facial identity that is more than a well-groomed mustache. While different kinds may call for various mustache wax, there is probably every solution for every style. Don’t stagnate with a product that isn’t working for you. Try the next!