5 Amazing Benefits of Grapeseed Oil for Hair and Health

If your hair is a bit lackluster these days, you may be on the hunt for the perfect product. Skip the hair product aisle and get a bottle of grapeseed oil.

You may not have considered grapeseed oil for hair. But its high vitamin E content, minerals, proteins and linoleic acid give it all sorts of benefits for your hair. And your health!

The benefits of grapeseed oil for hair are extensive

So let’s start by taking a look at how using grapeseed oil for hair can be a real game changer.

Long and lustrous locks

One of the greatest benefits of grapeseed oil for hair is its ability to stimulate the hair follicles. This, in turn, promotes faster hair growth.

Just mix 2-3 drops of grapeseed oil and 1-2 drops of a carrier oil of your choice in a plastic bag. Heat enough water so that you can immerse the plastic bag in the water in order to heat the oil mixture.

Wash your hair with shampoo – no conditioner – and dry it until it is just barely damp. Apply the warm oil at the root of your hair and work your way to the tip. You’ll also benefit by massaging some oil into your scalp.

Wait 20 minutes and then rinse off the oil mixture with lukewarm water.

For this remedy to be effective, repeat it once per week.

Ditch the dandruff

Commercial dandruff shampoos are full of chemicals to fight those white flakes. But grapeseed oil is an effective anti-dandruff agent without the harsh chemicals.

In a small container, pour the usual amount of shampoo you’d use to wash your hair and add 3-4 drops of grapeseed oil. Let it sit for 5 minutes.

Then wash your hair with the mix and rinse it out thoroughly. Doing this on a regular basis will leave you with lustrous flake-free locks.

Free yourself of frizz

Unless frizz is the look you’re embracing, using grapeseed oil for hair will help you get it under control. Well, grapeseed oil and a few other ingredients.

First, grab yourself a spray bottle small enough that you can carry it with you in a bag. Then you’ll need:

  • 10 drops grapeseed oil
  • 10 drops aloe vera juice
  • 10 drops vodka
  • Water

Mix all of the ingredients and pour them into the spray bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle with water and shake it.

Spray this tonic on your comb and run it through your hair. You’ll see instant results. Repeat this throughout the day as needed.

Give your hair a chemical strip

The chemicals in styling products can leave residue on your hair. The result? Hair that is dull and limp.

Another great way you can use grapeseed oil for hair is to remove that residue.

1. As a scalp massage

It isn’t just the strands that take the abuse of products. Using grapeseed oil for hair includes your scalp. Just mix 4 drops of grapeseed oil with 2-3 drops of carrier oil and massage it into your scalp each day after you shower.

Let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Repeat daily to restore shine and body.

2. As a hair mask

To bring life and luster back into your hair – and to keep it – you can use grapeseed oil as a hair mask.

To get that natural shine you’ll need:

  • 2-3 drops grapeseed oil
  • 2 drops orange juice
  • 2 drops lemon juice
  • 2 drops sage oil

Mix all of the ingredients and apply the mix all over your hair and scalp. Let it sit for 30 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water. You’ll want to do this at least twice per week to get the results you want.

Protect it from the damaging heat

We all do things that damage our hair.

Blow drying and hot irons not only dry your hair, but they can make it frizzy while splitting the ends of the strands. Yet another benefit of grapeseed oil for hair is its ability to protect your hair from heat and keep it moisturized.

Simply mix 2 parts grapeseed oil with 1 part coconut oil and 1 part water. (You’ll need to gently heat the coconut oil to liquify it.) You’ll want to use enough to pour into a spray bottle, but not so much that it’ll grow rancid over time. Start small.

Then, to avoid that freshly fried look, spray the mixture to each section of your hair just before you’re ready to apply heat to it.

Detangle the tangles

Is your hair a tangled mess after a shower? No need to pull and yank at it to detangle. Grapeseed oil for hair, to the rescue.

Get a spray bottle ready and mix 2-3 drops grapeseed oil, 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel and 2 drops of glycerin. Fill the rest of the way with water.

Then, each day before your shower, spray a small amount into your hair. You’ll come out of the shower with smooth and tangle-free hair.

Obviously, the benefits of grapeseed oil for hair cannot be argued. But wait, that’s not all!

Additional benefits of grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is loaded with powerful antioxidants, which include flavonoids, phenolic procyanidins and linoleic acid. Among other things, these substances can potentially protect the blood vessels from becoming damaged and could prevent high blood pressure.

It also has high levels of vitamin E, which is important for strengthening the immune system. This antioxidant enhances the production of cells that kill cancer cells, as well as those that produce antibodies.

The proanthocyanidins in grapeseed oil may help prevent the development of skin cancer, slow the growth of cancer cells in cancer patients and have been shown to cause cell death in prostate cancer cells.

Other ways that grapeseed oil contributes to health include;

  • Delaying the development of Alzheimer’s Disease (as found in rats)
  • Speeding up the time needed for healing wounds
  • Reducing swelling
  • Improving cholesterol levels
  • Speeds wound healing.

So there you have it.

While it may not be the solution for every problem in the world, grapeseed oil for hair and health will get you on the track toward beautiful hair and feeling great.

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