7 Best Hot Rollers for Short Hair

The long hairstyle has always been a timeless look, but not all are fond of keeping such length. In fact, there are a lot of people who prefer to keep their hair short for various reasons. Most of them find having short hair easier to manage. Curling is a great way to add spice to your short hairstyle. This article will show you seven of the best hot rollers today that will surely make your short hair looking stylish and classy everyday.

Best Hot Rollers for Short Hair

Revlon Ionic Professional Hairsetter

Our reasons for choosing it:

  • Fast heat-up with firm-hold metal roller clips
  • Includes 3 sizes 20 easy-wrap ribbed rollers with Cool Touch ends
  • Moderate pricing attracted many customers to buy

Best Short Hair Hot Rollers

Best Features
User Experience
Price Hint
Our Rating
Conair Compact HairsetterCompact hairsetter contains 20 hot rollers in 3 sizes; rollers have grip design to hold and secure hair; provides flexible stylingGoodLow3.9 / 5
Caruso Traveler Steam Setter14 molecular foam rollers in assorted sizes allow steam to style hair; patented design locks in moisture for maximum airflow and fast evaporation; rollers perfect for nearly all hair types & sets hair in 5 – 10 minsGoodLow 3.9 / 5
Calista Tools Ion Hot RollersFeatures 12 2.5” long ion heated rollers for short hair and divided into 1” & 1.25” sizes; can curl hair while strengthening & nourishing it with PTC heating technology; heats up in less than 5 minsGoodExpensive3.7 / 5
Revlon Ionic Professional HairsetterContains 20 ribbed rollers in 3 sizes that provide 40% more curls than other rollers; features tourmaline and natural ionsfor smooth & frizz-free curls; quick heating & styling ExcellentModerate4.5 / 5
Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Roller Set 20 flocked rollers with on/off switch on console featuring far-infrared heat; technology allows for styling hair without damage; rollers in different sizes with color coded clipsVery GoodModerate4.1 / 5
Infiniti Pro by Conair Instant Heat Flocked Rollers20 ceramic flocked hot rollers produce professional-grade curls; heat up i less than 2 mins; features argan oil fusion to minimize frizz & condition hair; console has retractable cord & 12 heat settings for all hair types Very GoodModerate4.0 / 5
Remington Silk Ceramic Heated Hairsetter20 rollers for styling flexibility & full curling coverage come in 1” & 1.75” sizes; ceramic ionic technology for shiny, smooth & frizz controlled hair; heats up rollers & clips in 90 secsVery GoodModerate4.0 / 5

Conair Compact Hairsetter

Conair allows you to enjoy 20 hot rollers in three different sizes with this compact hairsetter: eight small, six medium, and six large. The package also includes stainless steel clips to make sure that they are durable and hold onto your hair until it is set. Both the rollers and clips are color-coded to make them easier to match.

Each roller can effectively grip the hair and keep it secure, thanks to its patented grip design. With the clips on, your hair will surely be set just the way you want it. The 20 rollers may also appear overwhelming, but they give you flexibility in terms of styling your hair.

Caruso Traveler Steam Setter

The Caruso Traveler molecular foam rollers allow steam to style your hair. With 14 assorted roller sizes (two petite, three small, four medium, three large, and two jumbo), you can easily achieve your desired curls. The patented roller design helps lock in moisture, and allows for maximum airflow and quick evaporation. This leaves your hair smooth and frizz-free. These rollers work well with nearly all hair types. It can set your hair in as fast as five to ten minutes.

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

The Calista Tools ion heated rollers are great for short hair because they come in two different sizes: six one-inch, and six 1.25-inch. All of the rollers are 2.5 inches long. These 12 rollers can curl your hair while strengthening and nourishing it. What’s great about this product is that the rollers heat up in just under five minutes once you place them in the charging stand. This means the entire curling process shorter than most people expect. Thanks to the rollers’ PTC heating technology, your hair will have additional volume, as well as your desired curl or wave without worrying about damage.

Revlon Ionic Professional Hairsetter

Revlon’s Ionic Pro Hairsetter can give you 40 percent more curls than any other regular rollers for short hair. This product uses tourmaline and natural ions to produce smooth and frizz-free curls. The 20 ribbed rollers, which come in three sizes, are capable of quick heating and styling. The metal clips that come with the package can help hold the hair in place as it is being set. The cool touch ends of the rollers make it easier for you to take them off.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Roller Set

The Babyliss Pro roller set uses far-infrared heat for even distribution throughout your hair. This technology allows you to style your hair without thinking about damage. The titanium core, meanwhile, keeps the heat steady even when set at high temperatures. The set includes 20 flocked rollers that are placed in a heating console, which has its own on-and-off switch and indicators. The rollers come in various sizes: six small, six medium, and eight large. Also included are the color-coded clips and butterfly clips.

Infiniti Pro by Conair Instant Heat Flocked Rollers

Conair’s Infiniti Pro is capable of producing professional-grade curls. Made of 20 ceramic flocked hot rollers, they can heat up almost instantly in just under two minutes. This product also uses ions for quick and even heating. The argan oil fusion helps minimize frizz and condition hair. In addition, the unit comes with 12 heat settings that make it suitable for all hair types. The heating console has a retractable cord reel for easy storage, too.

Remington Silk Ceramic Heated Hairsetter

The Remington Silk Ceramic Hairsetter contains 20 rollers for styling flexibility and full curling coverage. These rollers come in two sizes: one-inch and one-and-one-fourth-inch. They use ceramic ionic technology that controls frizz and makes your hair smooth and shiny all day. The rollers also come with hinged clips that have cool end rings for added convenience. Thanks to its dual-heating technology, it will only take 90 seconds for the rollers and clips to heat up.

Quick Buying Tips

Styling short hair lengths take less time and effort, giving busy people this huge advantage. As long as you have the right styling tools, looking great everyday will not be a problem. You will not need hotter rollers because of your hair length, so avoid buying jumbo-sized ones as they are too big for you. For more variance, buy a set that comes in different sizes. People with extremely short hair, however, will want rollers that are smaller for tighter curls.