Hi I’m Andrea, the founder and editor of AllBeauty.News and I set this page up to give you a brief insight into the aim behind my blog. In short, it exists to help visitors find the absolute latest tips, trends and products for all things beauty. Here’s what we cover:

Beauty Tips: It’s one thing to buy the latest and greatest beauty products, but it’s a completely different thing to know how to use the products effectively. We source the internet for the best fitness tips and deliver them to you in simple, bite-sized pieces so you can learn and apply them right away.

Product Reviews: They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to some extend that couldn’t be more true. However, when it comes to finding beauty products that do what they say, I’ve purchased more than my fair share of products that simple did not live up to the standards promised by the product adverts. With all our product review, we aim to give you the absolute best of the best products, based on hours of research and paying attention to real customer reviews.

Beauty News: Of course, the beauty industry is fast-paced and ever-evolving. We’ll provide you with the most up to date news about the beauty industry, largely through our social media profiles so be sure to follow us!

Affiliate Income Disclaimer: Just to be very upfront with you, this blog contains affiliate links. What that means is when you click on certain links to Amazon or other product suppliers and then you purchase something, I make a small percentage in commission. It’s important to know that these affiliate commissions do not inflate the price you pay for yoru products. In fact, it changes nothing about the price you pay. The earnings simply help cover the costs of the blog, such as a web host, domain name, and my coffee drinking while I write.

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