Amika Curling Wand Review: A Look at the Amika Range

The Amika Curling Wand is a great hair-styling product for both professionals and individuals who just want to look pretty every day. There are people who want to try new styles daily, and this curling wand can be their best bet. Once you get to try this hair-styling tool, you will be amazed at how it can help you create new styles without too much effort. This is probably one of the best innovations that happened in recent years when it comes to hair styling.

Our Top Choice

Amika 5P Titanium Interchangeable Curler

Why we chose it:

  1. Five tools in one
  2. Curler set offers 5 clip-free barrels of different sizes
  3. Capable of creating smooth curls and waves of any size or style

You can find hundreds of curling iron brands on the market today. This is why many people find it difficult to determine which brand will best suit their hair styling needs. Amika is one of the most popular curling iron brands today. This article will review the three Amika curling wand models.

What you have to know about the Amika Curling Wand Range

It is important to familiarize yourself on what makes an Amika curling wand. This part will discuss the tools and features that you will normally see on the brand’s curling iron line. It will help you have an idea what kind of curling wand you should purchase.

Barrel Size and Shape

Amika curling wands offer various barrel sizes. It is important to understand the use of each size. A smaller barrel diameter produces tighter curls, while the larger one helps in making loose curls. You can choose between 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25 to 18mm, and 32mm. When it comes to the shape, the cylindrical barrel creates standard curls, while a reverse cone uniquely produces loose curls near the scalp and tighter ones at the ends.

Heating Material

Amika curling wands are made from two major heating materials. The ceramic-tourmaline hybrid material is popular for producing a uniform heat distribution through ionic technology. The second heating material, titanium, is used to rapidly heat the hair follicles without any damage.

Adjustable Temperature Control

This is a crucial feature in curling irons. Hair-styling tools should have adjustable temperature controls to avoid hair damage. This is why Amika curling wands come with variable temperature control so people can use it for any hair type.

Best Features
User Reviews
Price Level
Our Review
Amika 5P Titanium Interchangeable Curler Wand has 5 different barrels for styling options with elegant, ergonomic design better handling; made from titanium and ideal for almost any hair type; offers digital temperature control adjustable up to 450˚; features a swivel cord rotating up to 360˚ degreesSuperior QualityHigh4.6 / 5
Amika Curling Iron 13mm Features purple minimalist design ergonomic enough to hold; made from ceramic-tourmaline that styles fast without causing damage & hot spots for hair type; equipped with dual voltage, temperature control setting & swivel cord + far-infrared technology Very GoodMid-Range4.3 / 5
Amika Curling Iron 19mm (Black) Ergonomic design helps styling hair conveniently with ceramic heating system for even heat distribution; combined with tourmaline for smooth curls & zero frizz; features 360˚ swivel cord & dual-voltage GoodLow4.1 / 5

Amika Curling Wands

Amika 5P Titanium Interchangeable Curler

This Amika curling wand has five different barrels to give you tons of styling options. Its design is decent, elegant, and ergonomic for better handling. This styling tool is made from titanium and can cater to almost any hair type. Another advantage of this heating material is that curling will be faster. This curling wand offers digital temperature control that allows you to adjust the heat up to 450 degrees. Best of all, the Amika 5P curling iron features a swivel cord that rotates up to 360 degrees for improved styling convenience.

Amika Curling Iron 13mm

Amika Curling Iron 13mm (Purple)

This Amika curling iron has a minimalist design and a purple color to make it look fun to use. Its ergonomic design allows you to hold it easily as you style, preventing hand strain. In addition, this device is made from ceramic-tourmaline. It means that your hair can be styled faster without causing any damage and hot spots. Such heating material also allows the curling iron to accommodate almost any hair type.

What makes this curling wand unique is its conical barrel shape that produces tight curls near the scalp and loose ones at the ends. Other features to look forward to include the dual voltage, temperature control setting, swivel cord, and far-infrared technology (which helps reduce heat damage).

Amika Curling Iron 19mm (Black) 

Amika Curling Iron 19mm (Black)

This 19mm Amika curling iron offers a sophisticated look. Its ergonomic design allows for absolute convenience, helping you style your hair without worrying about straining your hands. Its ceramic heating system distributes heat evenly without damaging the hair follicles. Combined with tourmaline, this curling wand is capable of producing smooth curls and zero frizz. Bonus features include the 360-degree swivel cord for convenient styling and the dual-voltage so you can use this curling wand abroad.