Best 3 Barrel Curling Irons Reviewed (2017s Top Rated Option Revealed)

Last updated 24th January 2017

If you one of those individuals who fancy hair waves depicted in most of the popular fashion magazines, chances are you could be having a difficult time achieving such looks with a normal curling iron. it is not difficult finding these great pieces of equipment. In addition, some brands of hair curling irons are extremely cheap and function just like the other costly models. The best place to shop for curling wands is over the internet. You may benefit from a special price cut that most internet stores offer to online shoppers.

Best Triple Barrel Curling Iron 2017

PrettyQueen Fast Heating Long Hair Curler

Why We Rate It The Best!

  1. Very High User Reviews – Our research shows that on average, almost 2 in every 3 users rate it at 100% satisfaction!
  2. Convenient – Adjustable temperature and energy-saving capacity saves you money!
  3. Advance Technology – the curl technology creates fantastic curls without the frizz.

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Best 3 Barrel Curling Iron Reviews

Curling Iron BrandKey FeaturesWhat Users SayPrice LevelWe Rate It
Sexriver 19mm Five Gears Thermal Control 3 Barrel Waver Iron13 Heat Settings,100% rubberized plastic sheet, Ceramic heater with 3 jumbo barrels heat up fastVery goodAffordable4 / 5
PrettyQueen Fast Heating Long Hair CurlerPTC Heater with Fast Heat Up, Low Power Consumption with temperature adjustment, Teflon treatment & Resistant to Acid and Alkali (PH4-PH12)Very goodAffordable4.5 / 5 < Top Rated Product
Revlon Perfect Heat Jumbo 3 Barrel WaverCeramic technology provides high heat while protecting hair, 3 jumbo barrels create extra-large, beautiful "S" waves, 25 heat settings Very goodCheap4.25 / 5
BlueTop Stylish Salon Professional Hair Waver 3 BarrelsBarrel of aluminium alloy heats up very fast, Temperature LCD display, Suitable for long & thick hairVery goodAffordable4 / 5
Conair YOU Wave Ultra Ceramic StylerUnique 3-barrel ceramic styler creates long-lasting & soft waves, Tourmaline Ceramic technology prevents hot spots, reduces frizz & eliminates static, LED indicator lightsVery GoodCheap4.25 / 5
Revlon RVIR3030 Pro Collection Deep Waver3/4“ ultra defining deep groove barrel, Lightweight, for comfortable & easy styling, Tourmaline, ceramic technology for smooth, frizz free, shiny stylesVery goodCheap3.75 / 5
Bed Head BH330 Making Waves Tourmaline Ceramic S WaverTourmaline ceramic barrels creates softer, shinier waves without frizz, Heats up in 30-seconds with instant heat recovery, Indicator light and rheostat dial with multiple heat settingsVery goodCheap4 / 5

Whether you are a person who wants a bouncy, hairy waves or a rendezvous expert who want to equip up your styling machines, a triple barrel hair waiver is a vital styling item for modern hair fashion. It does the role of different equipment’s combined and works rapidly to give you that look you always wanted. Now, when you are searching for a 3 barrel curling iron, here are some of the best you might be interested in.

  1. Sexriver 19mm Five Gears Thermal Control 3 Barrel Waver Iron

The Sexriver 19mm 3 Barrel Weaver is the perfect curling iron that is durable and affordable. It features 13 heat settings with 100% rubberized plastic sheet and a ceramic heater with fast heating. Triple-baked ceramic, Tourmaline and Ionic Technologies for softer shinier curls without the frizz. Also features temperature LCD display and adjustable buttons. There is a manual temperature setting with adjustable 80-210 centigrade temperature. 3 jumbo barrels with ceramic create extra-large, beautiful curls. Overall, it is a great product, recommended to anyone who like the wave look. It is fun and very easy to use.

  1. *** PrettyQueen Fast Heating Long Hair Curler *** (Recommended)

Another great 3 barrel curling iron for that curly hair you desire. This product features PTC Heater with fast heat up and low power consumption. It can heat up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit in 60 seconds, temperature adjustable, safe and energy-saving. Its Teflon treatment is resistant to Acid and Alkali. There is also heat insulation on the handle and a smooth item surface to make it have a long working time. The Tourmaline Ceramic S-Waver creates loose sexy s-waves. It gives great, natural looking waves or “mermaid hair” as some people call it. This heats up fast and heats at a good temperature.

  1. Revlon Perfect Heat Jumbo 3 Barrel Waver

This Revlon Jumbo 3 Barrel Waver creates large loose, natural looking waves. The waver comes with Triple Baked Ceramic, Tourmaline and Ionic Technologies for maximum hair conditioning for shiny, healthier looking waves. This curling iron features 3 jumbo barrels with ceramic create extra-large, beautiful “S” waves. Its Ceramic technology provides high heat while protecting hair. There is a 60-second fast heat-up coupled with 25 heat settings. It also has a plate locking switch for easy storage. This is a great way to change your style in under 10 minutes. It takes no time to heat up, and leaves waves in your hair, the kind of waves that look like you just un-braided your hair.

  1. BlueTop Stylish Salon Professional Hair Waver 3 Barrels

The Blue Top Stylish Salon Professional Hair Waver is suitable for long and thick hair, loose wave fit for dating, party, and wedding. The material of the barrels is aluminum alloy, harmless to your hair, keep your hair smooth, shiny forever. The Temperature LCD display, change temperature by pressing the plus or minus one time from 180 to 22 degrees Celsius, allow you to choose correct temperature according to your hair, enjoy a silky, wave, cute, stylish and professional result. It also features a 360 degree rotatable swivel with 2.5m power cord. It is easy and safe operations due to the skid proof mat. With this Curling iron, you will get a lot of compliments from others.

  1. Conair YOU Wave Ultra Ceramic Styler

The conair s7 you wave ultra 3-barrel styler is the all-in-one tool for creating your favorite hair styles. It helps you create a modern wavy look and long-lasting soft waves like you’re at the beach. The Tourmaline Ceramic technology giving you more protection, while preventing damaging hot spots and eliminating static and reducing frizz. The 30-second instant heat delivers professional quality so you can style quickly and efficiently. For safety, the protective outer housing retains heat for longer-lasting waves and reduces the risk of heat contact.

  1. Revlon RVIR3030 Pro Collection Deep Waver

The Revlon Pro Collection is the professional line of hair care tools designed with your hair in mind. It features a 3/4 inch ultra-defining deep groove barrel for unique, defined waves. It is lightweight, for comfortable and easy styling. The tourmaline, ceramic technology will help tame the frizz and give your hair superior shine. This deep waver comes with professional high heat of up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, locking switch and a tangle free swivel cord. Overall, this is a great waver because it is quick and easy to use.

  1. Bed Head BH330 Making Waves Tourmaline Ceramic S Waver

The Bed Head Tourmaline Ceramic S Waver can easily create loose sexy s-waves. The tourmaline ceramic barrels help create softer, shinier waves without frizz. Heats up in just 30-seconds and has instant heat recovery so you don’t have to wait for it to reheat. It also has an on indicator light, a rheostat dial with multiple heat settings, a barrel locking switch for easy storage and travel and a tangle-free swivel cord. This barrel is so much easier to use. It is built sturdy and warms up fast. This is definitely a recommended buy.

3 Barrel Curling Iron Buying Guide

A curling iron can give you your dream hairstyle without needing to go to the salon, and the triple barrel curling iron can give you three times the benefits.  This handy device quickly heats to a specific temperature saving time on waiting for it to heat up and giving you more time to focus on the actual styling.  It’s more efficient than single or double barrel curlers since you can curl three different portions of your hair at one go, allowing you to finish in lesser time.  This is especially useful for those with thick hair.  The three barrel curling iron can make different styles of curls and waves as well.

If you’re thinking of buying your own three barrel curling iron, here’s a guide to help you decide on the best one for you:

1. Type of curl produced

Three barrel curling irons are capable of generating well-formed curls or waves that keep their shape for hours.  Check the type of curls your specific curling iron can create.  Aside from heating and curling more sections of hair altogether at one time, the triple barrel curling iron can also make waves and not just curls.  This is done by positioning your hair in between the barrels and pressing the iron together instead of curling your hair around each individual barrel.

2. Heat settings

Some curling irons offer only one heat setting while others provide multiple heat settings.  It’s better to choose a three barrel curling iron which allows different heat settings as different temperatures are needed depending on the hair texture.  Curling irons that are limited to only one heat setting are more likely to damage your hair.  Finer hair and those of average thickness will require lesser heat while higher temperatures are ideal for thicker hair.  Selecting the right heat setting ensures that you get done in lesser time and avoid overheating or harming your hair. You should also check how much time the curling iron needs before it reaches your chosen setting.

3. Barrel size

The barrel size will also determine how loose or how tight your curls will be.  Some curling irons have a slightly conical barrel which offers different kinds of curls but the barrels of most curling irons are straight with only one diameter measurement.  Curling irons that are less than an inch in diameter will create smaller, tighter curls and ringlets, while irons with barrels larger than an inch will produce looser, larger curls and waves.  Smaller barrels, an inch or less, are also great for shorter hair and larger barrels, one to two inches, can effectively curl long and thick hair.

4. Weight

One of the factors people miss to consider when choosing a triple barrel curling iron is its weight.  Curling irons with larger barrels are heavier and usually made of stronger material but they could also affect your grip.  Heavier irons will be difficult to hold for long stretches.  A lighter iron, meanwhile, though easier to manipulate, could be made of less sturdy materials and might easily break.  You will need to find a good balance between weight and durability.  It would also help if the iron is comfortable to hold and doesn’t strain your hand.

5. Barrel material

Ceramic barrels are great at controlling and preventing frizz.  Heat is also distributed well throughout the barrel to avoid excessive heat in isolated areas which could damage the hair.  If you want an iron that curbs frizz but at the same time heats up more quickly, choose barrels made of tourmaline.  Curling irons with tourmaline barrels are more expensive, however, than ceramic.  As for the top choice for barrel material, titanium takes the spot.  Not only does it heat evenly and quickly, and keep hair from frizzing and tangling, it is extremely durable as well.

6. Safety features

A curling iron can burn your hair and your skin if not handled properly.  Choose curling irons that have additional protection through their safety features.  One excellent feature is the auto shut off which switches the iron off once it has reached a certain temperature or if it’s not used for several minutes.  This prevents the iron from overheating.  Look for irons with a cooling tip as well or with handles that provide insulation against heat.  A stand for the iron is also a welcome accessory so you have somewhere safe to place the hot iron every time you put it down.

How to use a 3 barrel curling iron

A triple barrel curling iron is the best option for styling your hair if you have thick or coarse hair or if you want to style your hair everyday but in lesser time.  Take note of these features when picking your triple barrel curling iron and you won’t regret your purchase.