Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair

We all know that every girl’s nightmare is there frizzy hair, especially when your hair is long and thick that you’re having a hard time maintaining it. One of the reasons on why have a wavy hair is when you tie it often, and the only way to you know is to go to a fancy salon and pay thousands just to let experts treat your hair that causes your hair to be damage more and sometimes you don’t get the results you really want or expect to have on your crowning glory.

Voted as the Topnotch Curling Iron

Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa

Why we chose this product:

  1. Ceramic rotating curling iron is easy to use & creates quality waves in less time
  2. Quick styling perfect even for beginners
  3. Tops customer satisfaction record

But with the right equipment, you can add volume to your hair; and to achieve the hairstyle you want with an expert look. Without consuming much time, you can do your hair alone will less stress and manageable hair experience.

Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair

User Feedback
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Sedu Revolution Clip less Curling Iron (25mm)Has a ceramic barrel for frizz-free & glossy hair; uses unique technology with fast & consistent heat; temperature adjustable up to 350°F Very GoodAffordable4.3 / 5
Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Rod Beach Waves Uses SmartSense microchip technology for lightning-fast heat recovery; extra-long barrel & 9-ft swivel cord makes it convenient to use; heat level easily adjustable to 450°F max, light weight & dual voltageVery Good Affordable4.2 / 5
Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa1” curling iron with ceramic tourmaline barrel featuring rotating functions; 100% recommended for ladies who want to save time but still look stunning with their curls ExcellentAffordable4.6 / 5
Sultra The Bombshell Cone Rod Curling IronFeatures ceramic 1-inch barrel ideal for first time users; has tapered rod with infrared technology for creating different looks; heats up to a max temperature of 380°F GoodAffordable4.0 / 5
InStyler Max 2-Way Rotation IronFeatures innovative rotating action; offers more efficient way to curl hair using curling brush section; suits ladies with long thick wavy hair - 1.25” ceramic & tourmaline barrel GoodAffordable4.0 / 5

1. Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron (25mm)

This curling iron has a ceramic barrel to give you a frizz-free and glossy hair, it also have a unique technology which has a fast and consistent heat that crosses through the barrel for perfect curls result. With its mid-range price already includes the Sedu Anti-frizz Polishing treatment with Argan Oil, Folica crane clips and heat mat, which can really give you satisfying curl results, and it’s users rated it 4 out of 5 rating based on our research.

With the exclusive polished barrel of Sedu curling iron, you can achieve the smoothest and long lasting curls. Adjusting its heat temperature that can be controlled up to 350°F is easy, with its digital adjustable screen that suits all hair textures. You also don’t have to worry about burning your hand, because this curling irons grip is heat resistant, that will avoid your hand to heat or burn. It also comes with a protective kickstand and automatic shut-off, that provides its users comfort and protection while styling their hair.

2. Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped Rod Beach Waves

If you want to achieve a perfect beach wave curls, even though it’s not summer or even if you are just going out with friends, you must this curling iron that will give you a beach wave feel that you always wanted. This curling iron made by Paul Mitchell, a well-known hair care brand. With its 4.8 out of 5 rating, it is really said to satisfy its customer’s needs. It will really give you a perfect beach waves and loose curls that go well in every venue especially on a beach outing with friends. With an inch, clip less premium titanium barrel.

The heat levels up to 450°F in just second, with an automatic customized shut-off. A SmartSense microchip technology that helps you if you want a lightning-fast heat recovery. It is also helpful if you have longer hair, because of its extra-long barrel and 9-foot swivel cord feature and lastly, you don’t have to worry about bringing it anywhere. Aside from it is lightweight, it also is dual voltage for worldwide use. So you don’t have to bring an extension cord to plug and use this affordable priced curling iron.

3. Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa

All ladies is known to style their hair for hours just to achieve the perfect curls that they want to achieve, but not all curling iron heats fast, and does not rotate. You still have to twist and twirl your hair just to curl your hair that causes you to have longer time in preparing for a date or family gathering and even just a simple hang out with friends. Of course, all of us want to look good for everyone because a gathering does not happen all the time and this curling iron is 100% recommended for every ladies who wants to save time, but still look stunning with their curls.

For sure this will be one of the best products that create loose, but stylish beach waves. This 3.8 out 5 star rating and an affordable curling iron. This one inch curling iron is a ceramic tourmaline barrel. This curling iron has rotation functions that really suit its customers, because you don’t have to twist and turn your wrist and hand just to achieve the curls with less effort and energy. You also don’t have to worry about waiting for it to heat because, heating time takes less than a minute and you can adjust its heat up to 450°F. Use the curling iron horizontally, just press the L or R and press GO until it reach near the root, to get a perfect result possible. It also has its automatic shut-off feature that is very safe for every customer who wants to save time and energy. So if you want quick and easy styling, you have to avail one of these.

4. Sultra The Bombshell Cone Rod Curling Iron

This 2.3 out of 5 star rating is a very affordable curling iron that has a ceramic 1 inch barrel that is good for first timers. When it is your first time to curl your hair, not all of us can achieve the result we are dreaming of. But this curling iron surely loved by its tapered rod with infrared technology that creates a variety of looks that you can choose from, which help keep hair in place without using hairspray that will make your hair sticky and frizzy when applied for hours. This curling iron heats up to a maximum temperature of 380°F and it won’t bore you of waiting its heating time because its heating time takes less than a couple of minutes to reach your desired temperature that won’t give you any trauma about damaging you hair. This curling iron also has an auto shut-off feature and a heat-resistant glove.

Of course, we all know that our first time will not turn out great as expected. But, for a first time user of curling iron you will never be afraid to curl your hair or you will never pay extra for an expert to curl your hair. When you avail this curling iron, you will get the result and desired curls you always dreamed of.

5. InStyler Max 2-Way Rotation Iron

This curling iron speaks for itself, with its rotating feature that is very innovative which moves in both desired direction of its user. The InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron, gives you a more efficient way to curl your hair with its curling brush section are really said to remove your hair’s tangles and make it shiny and add its glow and volume. These 3.8 out of 5 star rating and with its affordable price range, really suits ladies with long thick wavy hair, because of its ceramic and tourmaline barrel that is 1 and ¼ inches.

This curling iron produces waves even with girl with thicker hair. If you’re in a rush just wait for 30 seconds or half a minute to heat it up, and control its temperature setting up to 425°F and of course has a auto shut-off feature. If you want to have a straight, soft curls, or beach wave styles then this curling iron is for you. Its ceramic plate will surely not damage your hair thus; it will soften it and give you a smooth hair result.

Buying Guide

If you want to transform your straight hair into curls, then a curling iron comes highly recommended for that purpose. The use of curling iron can be simple and you can get amazing results as well with it consider you buy it wisely. But many people do not know the basics of buying it and they end up choosing a wrong tool. To help you in this regard here we are sharing a simple guide that can help you buy curling iron in easy and wiser manner.

Size is important: Before you buy a curling iron, you must understand that the curl size is always dependant on the barrel width. In the market, you can get a different kind of curling irons that can range between 3/8 inches to 2 inches of widths. That means if you want smaller curls you need to choose smaller barrels and vice versa. Here, you should also remember that if you have flat and thin hairs then smaller barrel can work well for you, but if you have thicker hair, then choose bigger barrel because loose curls can hold much longer for you.

Check the heat setting: All the people may have different hair and that is why they need different treatment as well for curling their hair. Some hair types may require higher heat and for some, it shall be very a low temperature. So it is advised that you chose a curling iron that comes with a different kind of temperature setting option that you can adjust easily. Also, you should remember that it is not safe to use the curling iron with above 400 degrees in it unless you are a professional.

Don’t confuse with a wand: If you think every tool that can help your curl your hair is known as curling rod then you are wrong about it. Many people get confused between curling rod and want. This confusion leads them to buy a curling wand instead of a rod and later they realize their mistake when they use it. A curling iron is a tool that comes with clamps and it can hold your hair together. That means you can use it easily even if you are new to it. But a curling wand will need some skills and you have to do everything manually. So, when you purchase it, make sure you keep this thing in your mind.

Choose shape wisely: Curling iron comes in a number of shapes and you must choose one wisely for your needs. There are plenty of different shapes available that include cone shape, straight, spiral, and pearl barrel. Other than this, you also get wavers that look a lot like fingers. Also, there is flat iron that is another good choice for many people. So, when you choose one, make sure you check the shape as well in a wise manner.

Choose material carefully: careful selection of curling iron material is really important for safety and good looks of your hair. If you curl your hair on regular basis then choosing tourmaline or and ceramic would be the best choice for you. In case, you own hairs that are thick then titanium barrels can be a god choice for you. If you have thin hair, then you should try metal steam barrels because its steam can moisturize your hair and it will help you get better curls as well. However, you should avoid gold or chrome barrels for your home use.

Also, when you buy it, look for the curling iron that comes with the interchangeable barrel. That will help you get multiple barrels with a single tool. Other than this, it is also important that you buy it only from a trusted brand because they test their product before delivery and that gives you an assurance of safety as well.

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