5 Best Epilators for Brazilian & Bikini Line

Last updated 24th January 2017

Most women thought that shavers are the only best tools in removing hair. But with today’s technology, this idea is not quite applicable. Since epilators found their way to the market scene, many thought that shavers are a thing of the past.

Best Epilator For Brazilian

Best Epilator for Bikini Line 2017

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

We chose it because:

  1. It has 24 karat gold 36 plated hypoallergenic tweezers that works quickly and comfortably
  2. Excellent for the legs, bikini line and underarms 
  3. Rechargeable, operates  with or without a cord and has antimicrobial protection

Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator (Rechargeable)

The Emjoi Soft Caress is our recommended model, but with so many epilator brands sold today, finding the top brand that caters to women who submit themselves to bikini and Brazilian waxing can be a big issue.  Waxing can be stressful most especially if you think about the time and money spent for it. Hair grows back after four weeks which makes it expensive if you want to have another treatment. So, they spend a great deal of time trying to look for something to solve this predicament.

We want to make this task easy for you. Below is our quick reference guide to the best epilator for bikini area.

Best Epilator for Bikini Area – Quick Reference Guide

ItemBest FeaturesUser FeedbackPrice to ExpectOur Rating
Braun Silk Epil 3 3170 Epilator 2-speeds for soft and gentle hair removal; 20 tweezers for epilation process; cheaper than most modelsVery GoodLow4 / 5
Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry EpilatorBuilt-in LED light for fast epilation; 6-in-1 epilator system with several heads more than any competition; cordless with 2-speed adjustmentExcellentLow4.5 / 5 - Our 2nd Best Rated Model
Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator (Rechargeable)Attractive and efficient epilator that uses 36 24-K plated anti-allergy tweezers; pain reducing technology; epilator head massages skinExcellent
Low4.75 / 5 - Our Top Rated Model
Remington EP6025 Womens Rechargeable Epilator42 steel tweezers with 2-speed settings ideal for Brazilian epilation; contains moisturizing technology and head has massage cap to ease pain during processVery GoodLow4 / 5
Panasonic ES-WD51-P Wet/Dry Epilator 2-speed & highly portable; hypoallergenic nickel-free blade; works as bikini trimmer, shaver, & epilatorVery GoodHigh4 / 5

More detailed buying guide and reviews:

If you are looking for more detailed information, we would like to remind you about these very essential aspects of buying an epilator for public hair:

  • The best epilators are used to remove hair and not to hurt your private parts
  • The region where you want to perform hair removal has coarse hair and very sensitive skin
  • Brazilian and bikini line epilation involves pubic hair removal on the labia, the anus, and crotch regions; areas which you don’t want others to see
  • Hairs on these areas grow in various directions so take a look at where they are directed to avoid breakage that leads to ingrown hair
  • Skin is so thin you could end up bleeding before you get to the next patch
  • Brazilian epilation must be thought about carefully as this method of hair removal is not at all good for those who cannot tolerate too much pain

Helpful Reminders

  • Exfoliate to take away dead skin a day before to help prevent clogged pores or ingrown hair
  • You can trim the hair up to 0.5 cm to hasten hair removal process; longer hair makes way for a more painful session
  • Taking a hot bath or long warm shower causes hair down there to become softer and pores loosen up a bit
  • Other users use cooling wipes or ice to numb the skin a little; this can help do away with pain
  • Never attempt to apply lotion on the skin to make sure the epilator plucks every single strand off
  • Aloe Vera gel, cream, moisturizer, or a cooling wipe can ease the skin after an epilation process

Now that you know, let us now introduce you to our compilation of some of the best epilators to do away with unwanted hair in fast, gentle and the most efficient way.

Best Epilators for Bikini Line 2017

1. Braun Silk Epil 3 3170 Epilator

This Braun item is the best choice for easy hair removal. It features two speeds; 1 for soft and gentle epilation, and the other for a more efficient epilation. It also has a Smartlight that guides you through the shaded areas of your buttocks. This allows for safer epilating process. It is equipped with massaging rollers to stimulate the skin and make way for easy hair removal.

This product carries 20 tweezers which is quite a good amount. It has a soft lift feature that holds hair upwards to make easy for its tweezers to grab. This may not be the most expensive but it manages epilation in a gentle and effective way.

2. Panasonic ES-WD94-P wet/dry Epilator

The Panasonic ES-WD94-P is a 6-in-1 epilator that has more attachments heads than the Panasonic ES-WD51-P. What makes it perfect for Brazilian is its special attachment head that works best in sensitive areas of the body. This is a cordless model with a 2-speed control button and ideal for both wet and dry epilation.

The unit is fitted with a built-in LED light for faster and safer process of hair removal down under. It also features a foam epilation option, a wet application designed to alleviate users from pain. Just a few drops of liquid soap enable the epilator to rotate and transform the soap into foam. This model has a side-to-side glide technology which adjusts the head closer to your skin’s surface which makes up for a more efficient method of hair removal.

3. Emjoi Soft Caress Epilator

This is among the most colorful and attractive epilators sold so far but it does not only depend on the external appearance it has; it is quite an efficient epilation tool for you. This unit is built with 36 24Karat gold-plated hypoallergenic tweezers The gold composite helps maintain the metal discs and prevents it from becoming oxidized or rusty. This is the feature that makes it hypoallergenic.

The unit model is perfect for women who are not into removing lots of hair in one session and those who are fond of Brazilian waxing. It features a pain reduction technology that lessens pain during an epilation process. The head acts as massage finger that rubs the skin while in operation.

4. Remington EP6025 Womens Rechargeable Epilator

With 42 tweezers, this epilator works perfectly for a Brazilian due to its 2-speed setting option that is highly comparable to other good kinds of epilators today. This epilator contains a moisturizing comfort technology. The tweezers are made of steel and removes every stubborn hair. The head which has a massaging cap moisturizes the skin with Aloe Vera to relieve users from the pain usually experienced during epilation.

This epilator doesn’t pinch off the skin as the tweezers stop rotating when pressed firmly on the skin. This leaves you without a rash or mark afterwards. With a lesser number of tweezers, its precise head is perfectly cool to use in sensitive and narrow areas of the body. There were some complaints about hair breakage during epilating that leaves users with bumps and red marks. This could have resulted from mishandling the tool which many users are not so aware of.

5. Panasonic ES-WD51-P Wet/Dry Epilator

This model has a small body design and a great bikini trimmer. It may not come with a built-in light and a 2-speed setting but it has a gentle cap that allows for safe and gentle epilation which are among what buyers would want to see in an epilation tool.

The item is equipped with a nickel-free blade that is hypoallergenic perfect for those who have super sensitive skin. Therefore, people who have skin that gets easily irritated by some applications or construction materials of this handy equipment may not feel hesitant to buy it. It comes with a beginner and normal epilating caps that reduces pain and has three attachments that include: a bikini trimmer, an epilator, and shaver head.


In order to come with the best choice, you should be fine choosing something that has multiple speeds, a built-in light and one that has the least number of tweezers. It is also advised to opt for one that has trimmer attachments and a smaller head that spells more user convenience.

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