Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend

Whether it’s for the holiday season or you have a special occasion to celebrate, devoted partners always want to make sure to give their girlfriend a gift to make her smile.  However, choosing the right gift can be stressful.  To help you out, here’s a list of beauty tools that your girlfriend will surely appreciate as gifts:

Top 10 Gifts For Your Girlfriend

1. Eyeliner Brush

The eyeliner brush is essential for getting the ideal look when putting on eye makeup.  Different eyeliner brush designs produce different styles, from a winged eyeliner to a cat’s eye.  There’s the typical thin bristled eyeliner brush, the semi-flat brush, the flat brush with an angled tip, the flat tip brush and the angled bent eyeliner brush, which is a crowd favorite.

2. Concealer Brush

Ideal for getting sufficient coverage for dark under-eyes and for smoothly hiding other blemishes, the concealer brush is flat with bristles that angle toward the middle.  Its shape gives the user better control and allows easier application into most areas including the eye’s corners.

3. Curling Iron or Wand

For women who want beautifully styled curls, the curling iron is their go-to tool.  The hair is wound over the iron’s barrel and then clamped at the edge and held in place while the hair is heated to lock in the curl.  The curling wand works in a similar fashion except that the user holds the end of the hair in place with her fingertips since the wand doesn’t have a clamp at the end.  Curling irons also come in different sizes and may be single, double or triple-barreled.

4. Cone or Egg-Shaped Makeup Sponge

Finally, a sponge shape that provides easy, quick and complete coverage whether you’re using primer, foundation, BB or CC cream, the cone-shaped sponge differs from the traditional round and flat makeup sponges.  With this sponge, blending the makeup for a flawless, more natural look all over the face is now easier to do.

5. Brush Cleaner

Whenever you have makeup brushes, it’s always best to clean them properly and regularly.  The makeup brush cleaner is a convenient and effective liquid that rinses and disinfects brushes.  Depending on the formula, you can spray it on the brush or dip the brush in some of the liquid and this will ensure that no residue or dirt is left which could trigger breakouts on the skin.

6. Blush Brush

Another brush most women can’t do without is the blush brush.  This is used to apply blush on the cheeks.  For best results, the angled blush brush is an excellent design.  It produces lovely, soft and natural-looking strokes on the apples of the cheeks and cheekbones.

7. Slanted Tweezers

Used to achieve clean, well-kept brows, the slanted tweezers are ideal for easy access.  This handy little tool is angled for removing tiny hairs with more precision.  Whether they’re used for the brows or other body parts, they do a fine job, removing hairs cleanly, from the root to the tip.

8. Blow Dryer

A must-have for every girl who wants smooth shiny hair without any frizz is the blow dryer.  Blow dryers are also available in different materials, mainly ceramic, tourmaline and titanium.  There are different temperature settings and voltage features as well.  The blow dryer you choose mostly depends on your hair type.

9. Eyelash Curler

Not all women are blessed with long and curling lashes but with the eyelash curler, anyone can have wonderfully curled lashes in an instant.  They’re great for giving women a more wide-eyed look and emphasizing the eyes.  You can choose between the ordinary curlers or the more recent, heated types.

10. Round Hairbrush

If you’re buying a blow dryer, don’t forget to pair it with a top quality round brush.  This brush gets a good grasp on most kinds of hair and can do a good job of detangling.  At the same time, you can use it to tame the ends of your hair and make it easier to style.

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