Best Heated Eyelash Curler (Top 7 – Updated 2017 List)

Best Heated Eyelash Curler 2016Most women strive for the natural look with properly made up thick, long, upturned lashes. However, not all of them can do just that. With today’s innovations, lashes can now make you standout and using heated eyelash curlers are the best tools to consider. There are new ways to create attractive lashes and among them is a heated eyelash curler. This latest in eyelash curling innovation can precisely make a difference in your looks and using it is easier than you thought.

Heated Eyelash Curler Buying Guide

Many women have a daily routine that helps them feel more confident and attractive. An eyelash curler is an essential tool that makes the eyes brighter and bigger, even when you are tired and sleepless. Add the eye shadow and mascara and you will definitely make heads turn.

With so many options out there today, choosing the best eyelash curler can be overwhelming. There are many types of eyelash curlers that you can consider, but the heated type can make your curled lashes stay longer. This buying guide will help you know more about this type of eyelash curler and how you can find the right one for you.

How it Works

Some women have lashes that are difficult to curl. This is where a heated eyelash curler comes in handy. It produces enough warmth to tame your lashes and let it stay curled throughout the day.

Some models are run by batteries, and work by warming the rubber clamp pads. The latest ones, meanwhile, look like an eyelash brush that is attached to the end of a mascara tube. There are other models that will simply grab the lashes and curl them using a rotating brush head.

Using the Heated Lash Curler

This type of lash curler comes in various designs and features. It is important to read the user manual carefully before using the device to avoid inconvenience. It would also be wise to read product reviews online to see whether a certain model is easy or difficult to use.

Most heated curlers need to be warmed up before you can use them. They have safety features that keep the curler at a safe temperature. To safely use the product, keep the device from getting too close to the eyes. Make sure that the device is kept clean, and free of any debris or dust to prevent eye irritation or infection.

The plastic type of heated curler works slightly different than the traditional ones. The brush is run from the base of your lashes until it reaches the tips. Some models of this type spin gently and curl your lashes using a rotating brush. For best results, curl your lashes first before putting on mascara.

How to Choose the Best

Buyers must carefully weigh their options and their preferences. Look for a curler that curls your lashes gently without causing damage. The cheaper ones might create crimps, so make sure to invest in a model that will create gorgeous curls. It is best to look for as many models as possible to help you learn more about their specific strengths and weaknesses. You have to carefully consider your options, so you can purchase the best one for you.

Bottom Line

Heated eyelash curlers help brighten the eyes. This type of curler produces curled lashes that last all day. Users are encouraged to learn the proper way of curling their lashes to prevent unnecessary damage. It would also help if you invest in a reputable brand to ensure safety. When you buy the best model for you, it is easy to enjoy the benefits of having naturally curled lashes.

Best Heated Eyelash Curler

Update 1st February 2017 – New Number 1 product!

The Eyecurl II eyelash curler replaces the New Makeup Eyecurler as our number 1 rated product for 2017. Eyecurl II Heated Eyelash Curler with Brush Black

Why we like it best:

  1. Portable – Take it with you anywhere!
  2. Plenty of user reviews so you can buy with confidence
  3. Innovative and functional, this device attracts high user satisfaction ratings for a reason!

If you have used a manual eyelash curler, fake eyelashes, or other natural eyelash growth serums in the past, now is the time to switch to the heat-driven curlers for your lashes. A heated eyelash curler is quick to use and allows for longer lasting curls that saves you money in the long haul. Heating is gentler; unlike the heat-infused straightening tools for the hair so it makes it a safe implement that you can use every day.

Heated Eyelash Curler Reviews 2017

Product NameKey FeaturesUser FeedbackPrice Level
Our Rate
New Makeup Electric Heated Eyelash Curler < View it at Amazon.comPortable, comes with cleaning brush and cover, excellent battery life and a hot seller in 2017.GreatAffordable4.5/ 5
Hitachi HR 550 W White Eyelash CurlerPower: AAA Alkaline battery x 2 (not included), Dimensions: approx. W 1.8 x H 14.5 x D 1.6 cm, Weight: approx. 30 g (inc. batteries)GoodAffordable3.75 / 5
Panasonic Double Action Heated Eyelash CurlerPower Supply: DC3.0V ( 2 x AAA battery), Dimensions: H 15.7 x W 3.7 x D 3.7 cm, Weight: 53 g (w/o battery)Very goodAffordable5 / 5
New Top Product! - Eyecurl II Heated Eyelash Curler with Brush BlackPortable & Battery operated (AA), safe, and creates long lasting curls Very goodCheap4.5 / 5
TOUCHBeauty Electronically Heated Eyelash CurlerInstant lift and lasting curl, advanced heating element embedded into the double action silicone heating pads, innovative temperature sensing pad Very goodAffordable4 / 5
JAPONESQUE Heated Mini Eyelash CurlerCreates a sweeping, deep curl for hard to curl lashes, conveniently sized lash curler lifts & curls with heat, no clamping or pinching GoodCheap3 / 5
Panasonic Matsuge kurun (Heated Eyelash curler) EH2331PP-PPower Supply: DC3.0V ( 2 x AAA battery), Dimensions: H 15.7 x W 3.7 x D 3.7 cm, Weight: 53 g (w/o battery)Very GoodAffordable4 / 5
uxcell® Lady Electrical Heated Eyelash CurlerSilver Tone, 2 x Car LED Light, 30W/DC 12V, 60 g GoodVery cheap3 / 5

New Makeup Electric Heated Eyelash Extension Eyecurl II Hot Brush Eyelash Curler

One of the few high-quality portable (battery powered) eyelash curlers available. The model suits everyone from home makeup users to professional makeup artists and is super-flexible in use. Comes with cleaning brush and brush cover.

The most impressive part about this device is its high user satisfaction ratings. Everywhere you look online, real customers are awarding the product high ratings and positive reviews. Buy with confidence!

The rest:

7. Hitachi HR 550 W White Eyelash Curler

The Hitachi Eyelash Curler only needs 10 seconds to warm it up and 5 seconds to curl your lashes. It performs a sweeping action across the length of the eyelashes unlike the decades-old manual lash curlers. It features double heat pads, battery life indicator, torch feature that lights up area you are working on.

The design is quite similar to that of the Panasonic eyelash curling models but curling action needs to be repeated twice before achieving the right curl. It comes with a guide that some users claim to be a little confusing and complicated. However, these issues are minor compared to it’s (actually) easy operating process and long lasting curling capability.

6. Panasonic Double Action

The Panasonic eyelash curler generates a gentle double action heat that curls lashes smoothly from the base to tip with its dual curved pods. It uses smooth silicone pads aimed to cushion and protect your eyelashes from heat generated by the curler. Lots of users claimed that this provides perfect finish for overall makeup.

It only needs to pass eyelashes once unlike other competing lash curlers in order to achieve the right curl and the curls can last to about 4 hours without the help of mascara. Use a mascara and you can go as long as 6 hours. Though it is an expensive tool, it is definitely a good investment and addition to your makeup kit.

5. *** Top Rated for 2017 – Eyecurl II Heated Eyelash Curler with Brush

The Eyecurl II eyelash curler features automatic temperature control that works best for those who doubt using heated curlers. It provides you with an efficient tool to curl your lashes while it protects them from being overly heated. It offers gentle and natural upward curls and good to use with mascara.

This curler features a low battery warning indicator although some complained about the wand design that doesn’t perform well for women with thinner eyelashes. It comes with a brush which you can use to work on thick lashes (that is if you have them). This eyelash curler brings great, subtle, and long lasting results.

4. TOUCHBeauty EC-2003 with Silicone Pad

The TOUCHBeauty provides your eyes with an instant lift and your lashes with lasting curl in seconds. It uses an advanced heating tool set within its double silicone heating pads that creates more efficient and faster results. The lash curler’s temperature sensor automatically changes color once the right heat level is set. This curler caters to all eye shapes, and captures all lashes in one clasp.

With a compact design, you can easily tuck it inside your purse or a small cosmetic bag. For a more amazing effect, use a mascara to seal the deal. Nonetheless, this device is not good for those who use contact lenses.

3. JAPONESQUE Heated Mini Eyelash Curler

The JAPONESQUE provides you with a sweeping, deep curl even for women who have hard to curl lashes. It lifts and curls eyelashes with heat without pinching or clamping hard like the conventional tools of yore. This lash curler has a sleek design, lightweight at 1.6 oz, and has 6” x 5’ x 4” dimension.

Greatly admired by budget users, this battery-operated heating implement is good when partnered by a mascara application. It promises to give you the best natural eye lift you longed to have sans surgically-invasive procedures.

2. Panasonic Matsuge kurun EH2331PP-P

This Panasonic Matsuge Kurun works with a 3.0V DC and uses 2 AAA batteries and has a dimension of 5.7 cm x 3.7 cm x 3.7 cm. It weighs 53 grams without batteries and works really quick and easy in curling eyelashes while using an absolutely painless process.

This pink-colored model features a temperature-sensitive double action silicon pad with a light indicator which changes color once it is set to work. Panasonic has, so far, created innovative approach to lash curling that has been known to many as safe and free from overheating.

1. uxcell® Lady Electrical

The uxcell® Lady Electrical Heated Eyelash Curler is quite easy to use. It has a built-in light indicator that tells you when it’s ready to take on your lashes to an upward curl. Made of plastic material, it features an on/off switch control and uses 2 AA batteries for its operation.

This 22-gram lash curler fits eyelashes with 3 cm or 1.2” width and has a 4.9″ x 1.5″ x 0.6″ dimension. However, batteries are not included in the package so you still have to purchase them before you can start curling away your lashes.


With this guide, you would be able to make a comparative view of what each eyelash curler have to offer. Choosing can be daunting but if you know your eyelash type, the time you can afford to spend in curling them, and the price you can afford, you should good to start hunting for a seller that can offer you with a good price that is equal the quality of your purchase.