Best Hot Rollers – 2017 Official Hot Roller Reviews Guide

Best hot roller reviews 2017(last updated 8th January, 2017)

Hot rollers are like any other rollers that women use to set their own “dos”. However, the word HOT enables prolonged curls and twists that ordinary rollers cannot provide. Hot rollers are the most convenient tools for enhancing hairstyle that women use today. Gone are the days when women used to sleep with their rollers on to create a different look. The rollers they used produced curls but the thing is—the curls always come with creases or dents that were not pleasing to the eye.

A wide variety of brands and designs are sold in the market today which makes it daunting when in the process of shopping for a set. You need professional advice that can come from other advanced users or ask from salons which type they use. You can also do some online research to find the best hot curlers and see which type is good for your hair type. That’s where we come in handy!

Fast Reference:

We’ve gone into great details in the article below to review all the best hot rollers available on the market, but sometimes our readers are more interested in a quick summary!

If that is you, then you’re in luck because we’ve created a quick reference guide below. These are the top 3 recommended hot rollers. Click on the product names to view details, reviews and pricing at

  • Top Rated Product 2017: >>> Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Professional

We have covered information about the Babyliss Pro a little further down the page.

For a far more detailed overview of all the top hot rollers available in 2017, read on!

Hot Rollers Reviews

Item NameFeaturesPrice (Low, Medium, High price)Our Rating
Conair Xtreme Instant HeatGood quality large rollers. Includes instruction booklet, 12 clips and 12 rollers included (two sizes - 1.5 and 1.75-inch), Ceramic Layered Technology.Medium4 / 5
Remington H1015 Compact10 rollers included (two sizes - 1 and 1.25-inch). ionic technology, exclusive J-clips provided, color coded clips!Low3.5 / 5
T3 VoluminousRollers heat in 3 minutes, ceramic PTC heaters, high-grade aluminum core.High3 / 5
TStudio LUXE Setter20 rollers included (two sizes - 1 and 1.25-inch), heats in 5 minutes, ceramic technology.Medium3 / 5
Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium ProfessionalOur Number 1 Pick. Nano titanium, 20 rollers included (three sizes - .75, 1 and 1.25-inch), twenty (20) butterfly clips with twenty and color coded metal clips included.High5 / 5
FHI Brands Runway IQOnly 8 seconds to heat up, extra-large heat rollers with self-gripping Velcro material.Low4 / 5
Caruso C97953 30Our 2nd best-rated product for 2017. Includes comb clips and 30 rollers in five different sizes, along with a styling guide.Medium4.5 / 5

Hot roller buying guide for 2016 that shows how to find the best hot rollers

Buying Guide – Quick Guide On What To Look For

There are various types of hot rollers which include:

  1. sponge or steam sets
  2. ceramic infused
  3. wax core types.

Here’s how they differ based on heat generation:

  • Sponge or Steam Hot Roller Sets: Steam promotes quick heating and creates as well as sets curls using a few minutes which is ideal if you have little time to prepare for work or events.
  • Ceramic Infused: These solves frizzy hair issues as heat is produced by infrared heat and ions from the ceramic material sets curls through sealing the hair cuticle to create shinier hair appearance.
  • Wax Core Sets: This type maintains heat well and stays for longer periods. This is perfect for straight or fine hair that is typically difficult to curl and for the stubbornest hair that women find really challenging to transform.

Hot rollers are different from curling irons as they are gentler to the hair and to the user as well. Therefore, you might want to know which rollers can offer you the most benefits. To solve that dilemma, we have prepared seven items for you to choose from.

Best Hot Rollers 2017

Our top rated hot rollers for 2017!

7. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Professional

*** Our Top Rated Option ***

The Babyliss Pro BABNTCHV21 uses 20 velvety flocked Nano titanium rollers in different sizes. The set has six (6) small, six (6) medium, and eight (8) large rollers and contain twenty (20) butterfly clips with twenty (20) color coded metal clips. It has an ultra fast heat up technology that enables fast results. These rollers are outstanding conductors of heat, retaining temperature to produce smooth finish.

The infrared yielded by the rollers penetrates hair from within allowing for fast styling and less heat damage. Other users complained that it did not have a light indicator which can be dangerous to use. The butterfly clips are not suited for all hair types. Although these rollers are regarded as costly, they can still perform efficiently and able to produce curls that can last until the sun goes down.

6. Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic

The Remington Compact Ceramic Roller Set enables creating frizz-free curls whether at home or on the road. This ionic soft-grip hair implement set is easy to store and handy to take with you wherever you go. These rollers activate its ionic technology that to condition hair cuticle to repel static and humidity. It leaves healthy and natural-looking shiny curls.

Set includes ten (10) differently sized rollers; five (5) 1” medium rollers and five (5) 1.25” large rollers. These sizes are there to provide your curl requirements. It also comes with the exclusive J-clips that serve to hold the rollers to the hair without the usual impressions. These clips are color coded to allow for more confidence when styling. Pack also includes a heat and carrying case and roller heater has dual voltage capacity.

5. T3 Voluminous

The T3 Voluminous Hot Rollers are actual reinventions of the classic hot rollers. They were made to create voluptuous waves or curls without compromising shine. Armed with advanced technology in every roller, strands of hair will obtain shape, volume, shine, and natural movement. Rollers generate heat as fast as 3 minutes and produces volume using little time. All you need is to press on the switch and your rollers are prepped to be heated. These rollers have an indicator that changes color once it’s ready to use.

Its high power density ceramic PTC heaters heats up to a maximum of 250°F within 3 minutes and precisely regulates its temperature to prevent hair against excessive heating. It has a high-grade aluminum core that retains and transfers heat without losing surface temperature and the rollers’ velvet flocked surfaces grip hair while on the process of rolling. However, some users claim that they have experienced occasional base crack issues

4. Remington TStudio LUXE Setter

The TStudio LUXE Setter provides longer lasting curls and waves in less the time. It has twenty (20) velvet rollers in 1-inch and 1.25-inch sizes to allow users to create diverse professional level curls. The LUXE is unlike traditional rollers as it includes heated clips for additional heat transfer and produces curls in about 5 minutes.

The rollers have ceramic content twice as much as others of the same genre which means curls are protected from humidity and the sneaky static issue. This set utilizes the dual heated clip technology, rollers have cool touch end rings, an on and off light indicator, easy and mess-free storage, and takes only around 90 minutes to heat up.

3. Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Hair Setter with Super Clips

Conair Xtreme uses the well-known Ceramic Layered Technology to transfer heat better and disperses it real fast. It promises users with longer lasting shiny curls or voluminous curls with its ion-shine technology that works on hair smoothly and thoroughly. This type provides you with diverse styling options with ease.

The package includes eight (8) 1.5-inch and four (4) even larger rollers at 1.75 inches long. Kit also comes with an instruction booklet for newbies and 12 super clips to hold hair and rollers in place.

These clips fit all types of hair volume but you have to be careful not to position the clips on the roller slits. Firmness of the curl depends on the length and type of hair as well as the time the heated rollers stay with it.

2. FHI Brands Runway IQ Session

The FHI Heat Runway IQ Session Styling Rapid Hair System creates an instantly glamorous body, great volume, superb curls and amazing waves. It uses ground-breaking technology that heats rollers to a desirable temperature within 8 seconds thereby producing long lasting effects. This set includes four (4) extra-large heat rollers with self-gripping Velcro material.

You can take medium hair sections and use medium or large rollers in order to achieve voluminous body. However, to get the best benefits, you may still need to buy a styling roller grip clip, use a dry spray, and rapid heat rollers to maintain your hairdo which means you will spend more.

1. Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter

This heat roller set uses molecular steam to provide you with great looking curls. It can help you in creating healthy and strong beautiful curls plus the body and shine. It can achieve a 30-second curl by means of blow drying the hair for moisture to escape the strands before starting with the heating process. This technology is able to provide you with spiral curls and mesmerizing waves that can last for days.

The set includes comb clips, six (6) petite, six (6) small, six (6) medium, six (6) large, and six (6) jumbo rollers. It also contains a styling guide for beginners and professional users. With several size of rollers, it provides you with complete versatility to achieve various hairstyles.


It should be noted that hot rollers with ribbed finish are easier to remove after using. People who use rollers often should stick to those with soft padded surfaces that produce soft curls without damaging the hair. A combination of ceramic and tourmaline, or using them stand alone may leave hair with a smooth finish and maintain hair moisture. Meanwhile, those that don’t require heating are the stick and self-grip rollers and may not leave your hair with any damage at all.

However, with the fascinating results that hot rollers provide, you should be careful which set to buy. If in doubt, ask around before starting to shop around.

hot roller reviews guide for 2016

Hot Roller Tutorials:

How to use hot rollers!

Hot roller tutorial (3rd day hair)
How To Get Big Curls On Long Hair

Hot Rollers Buying Guide – Extended Version

Choosing the right rollers is important in order to achieve the results you want and avoid damaging your hair.  Some rollers will produce large curls, others smaller, tighter curls, and still others create ringlets or waves.  Aside from that, some rollers will only work for certain hair types.  Otherwise, your hair can’t retain the curls and they quickly lose their form.

Also, if you’re planning to use the rollers regularly, you’ll need to check how easy and quick it is to use.  There are several varieties and brands of rollers available in the market and you need to know how to determine which rollers fit your needs.

What to consider 


Hair rollers are made of different materials.  These are sponge, ceramic and titanium and those with a wax core.  Certain materials are more suitable for particular hair types and hairstyles.  You should also check how many rollers are included in any set you purchase so you can make a rough estimate of how many you will need for your hair and for the style you’d like.

Quality and warranty

As much as possible, choose a product of good quality, one which looks and feels durable and is meant to last for multiple uses.  It’s also best to look for a product that offers a good warranty policy.  Whether you buy the product online or from a brick-and-mortar store, you need a warranty policy to make sure you won’t end up wasting your money on defects or flimsy products that break easily.

Heating time and ease of use

Read through the rollers’ manual to be familiar with how to properly use the rollers as well as have an idea of how long it takes for the rollers to heat up.  This will ensure you use the rollers properly to bring about the right effect.  Proper use and care of your rollers also assures that the product will last longer.  Another thing to note is that the rollers should be easy for you to learn and master.  If the rollers are fiddly to use, they might not work as well as you hope, plus they might be unsafe.


You will also want to take note of the accessories that come with the rollers and what other tools you’ll need to buy.  The clips that hold your hair in place are an especially important part of the curling process.  Different clips are also available.  You might want to choose the clips that come with your rollers or you could also buy your own.  Usually, the clips are either curved metal clips, or they’re the plastic clamp or claw type.

Your hair type

For the best curl possible that keeps its shape for hours, choose hot rollers that are appropriate for your hair type.  This will also make it less likely for your hair to be damaged.

1. Best Hot Rollers For Fine Hair

Fine or thin hair can easily break or suffer damage from too much heat.  Smaller rollers are best as they can hold fine hair better.  You might also choose rollers that have variable temperature settings so you can use less heat.

2. For damaged hair

If your hair is already damaged, excess heat, plus the rolling action might make your hair worse or lead to breakage.  Avoid using rollers with clamp or claw style clips which can pull your hair unnecessarily.  Opt for sponge rollers instead.  Rollers with adjustable temperature settings are also an excellent choice.

3. For straight hair

Straight hair will find it difficult to hold on to heavier rollers.  Smaller or lighter rollers are best as they can stay on the hair as long as necessary.  Sponge rollers are also a great choice since they don’t use clips that might mess up your hair.

4. Best Hot Rollers For Long Hair

Long hair will need larger rollers so you can securely wrap the whole length of your hair.  Smaller rollers will only wrap around the bottom portion of your hair and this will not give you prominent curls.  The curls will also have difficulty keeping their shape if you use small rollers.

5. For dense hair

Thick or dense hair requires large or jumbo rollers that can easily hold more hair.  Rollers made of titanium are also ideal since they are better at retaining heat and higher temperature settings.  They are more durable as well and they can carry the weight of thicker hair.