Get Sexier Lips Fast With The Best Lip Plumpers For 2017

Last updated 24th January 2017

Lip Plumper Buying Guide

For those who are looking to get a full, plump set of lips, choosing the lip plumper will help with the task.

There are several lip plumpers on the market today, therefore finding the lip plumper might be a bit of a trial and error for each, but there are certain brands of lip plumper that truly stand out.

Our Lip Plumper Choice

LipFusion XL Plumper

Why we like it:

  1. Creates intensely plump, firm, hydrated & full-out sexy lips overnight
  2. Features non-injectable lip-volumizing therapy with 2X pure active collagen
  3. Contains dehydrated marine collagen-filling spheres to penetrate skin surface

Depending on what kind of a lip plumper you want, and what your budget might be, the lip plumpers will vary for each purchaser. Here are a few brands to consider, when deciding which the best for your lips is.

If you truly want the lip plumper, Just Plump is a great brand to try. Not only do it have a great scent, but it also offers several components that make it the lip plumper to purchase. It offers a sexy sheen, remains on your lips for hours at a time, and the plumping effect seems to last for several days. It is also the lip plumper as it is one of the few on the market which has a semi-permanent effect built in. However, users should not overuse the product, as it may cause the lips to appear too plump or swelled.

Another option that you must consider when looking for the lip plumper is Lip Fusion. Although it does not offer the lasting effect, it will offer plump lips after application. It works decently and does give your lips plumping effect, but for the price, it depends on where you buy, it might not be the lip plumper for all purchasers, and does seem a bit over priced due to the fact that it does not offer the lasting effect which users would hope for with a product at such a high price point.

A third option that you should consider when purchasing the lip plumper is Lip Venom. This product might be irritating to some people, so if you are prone to breakouts, it might cause the lips to turn a bright red color, rather than offer the plump lips you are hoping for. It does have gold flakes in the mix, so your lips will appear shinier and healthier upon application. If you are looking to enhance the natural color of your lips, this might be the lip plumper for you, but as far as natural plumping ability, might not be the ideal option.

Another option that you should consider when purchasing a lip plumper is the Crushy Lips. It should offer plumping effect you’re looking for and is far cheaper than the others, but it only offers the plumping effect for very limited durations. For those who are on a budget, this might be the best plumper to purchase, but do not expect the lasting effect.

The best plumper will depend on the purchaser. But, these are a few of the better brands on the market, and they will do the job. Depending on the budget, and what the purchaser is looking for, the best will vary from consumer to consumer.

Best Lip Plumper 2017

Product Description
User Feedback
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Idol lips Easy to apply & works within seconds; moisturizes lips and hydrates them throughout; affordable and comes with no painful side effects GoodMid-Range3.9 / 5
LipFusion XL Plumper Spearmint-flavored available in 7 colors & made from collagen micro-spheres; hydrates lips without causing any discomfort to user; lips will look fuller for 48 hours maxExcellentMid-Range4.5 / 5
City lips Plumper Made from essential oils that softens & smoothens the lips immediately; ingredients include Celadrin and Oligopeptide; effects are long lastingVery GoodHigh4.3 / 5
Duwop lip venom Contains avocado oil for shinier & mositurized lips; also contains cinnamon, sunflower oil, ginger & green tea; does not interfere with natural color of lips & provides long-lastingeffectGoodMid-Range4.0 / 5
Grande lips Hydrating Lip plumper Made from niacin & hyaluronic acid to moisturize lips; tastes like vanilla & comes in different colors; very effective in keeping lips moisturized for a longer timeGoodMid-Range4.0 / 5
Maybelline New York lip plumper Plumps lips instantly with 10 shades to choose from; capable of plumping your lips up to 30; can be worn separately or with your favorite lip color GoodLow3.9 / 5
Cerazome lip treat Made from easy absorbing phospholipids liposome; contains Hyaluronic Acid, green tea, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate & Shea Butter; nourishes lips & provides long term hydration Very GoodHigh4.2 / 5
Smashbox O-Plump Initiative Lip Plumper Among its major ingredients are avocado oil & Pomegranate seed; revitalizing; quite affordable + gives shine to lipsGoodMid-Range4.0 / 5

Idol lips

The Idol Lips Plumper gives a woman more confidence since she feels more powerful with sexier fuller lips. The user instantly plumps the lips because the product is easy to apply and works within seconds. The lips become moisturized and well hydrated throughout. The Idol Lips Plumper is made using the latest technology in the cosmetic industry. When using this product, you don’t have to undergo any cosmetic procedure .People should buy the product due to the fact that it is affordable and have no painful side effects which makes it the best lip plumper.

LipFusion XL Plumper

It is spearmint-flavored and is made from collagen micro-spheres. When it is immediately applied on the lips, your lips will become hydrated thanks to the unique micro-injected collagen technology. It is one of the best lip plumper since it does not cause any discomfort to the user. Once you use the product, the lips will look fuller for a period of 48 hours. People should buy the product because it is available in 7 different colors hence it can suit your taste and preference.

City lips Plumper

It is made from essential oils which softens and makes the lips smooth immediately. In addition, ingredients such as Celadrin and Oligopeptide have been incorporated in the product. This product is very effective since it is made from patented formula which is important in repairing lips by eliminating dryness and any sign of aging. People should buy the product because when applied, the effects are long lasting.

Duwop lip venom

This is one of the first lips plumper that was introduced to the market. One of the ingredients used is avocado oil which makes the lips shiny and moisturized. Other major ingredients include cinnamon, sunflower oil, ginger and green tea. It is affordable and has the ability to create fuller lips to the user. People should by this product because it does not interfere with the natural color of your lips and makes your lips shiny which cannot be achieved by using a lipstick. Further, the results are long-lasting.

Grande lips Hydrating Lip plumper

It is made from niacin and hyaluronic acid which helps in moisturizing lips. It tastes like vanilla. It comes in different colors to choose from. People should buy it due to the fact that unlike a plumper that result in dry mouth, it is very effective in keeping your lips moisturized for a long time.

Maybelline New York lip plumper

It has the potential to plumps lips in an instant and has ten shades which you can choose from. Maybelline is the company behind this product .The product has the capability of plumping your lips up to 30%. People should buy the product since it can be worn separately or on your favorite lip color. In addition, it is reasonably priced hence affordable by many people.

Cerazome lip treat

It’s made from phospholipids liposome that is easily absorbed into the skin. The major ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, green tea, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Shea Butter. It gives proper nourishment to your lips and long term hydration. It is effective in giving your lips a natural look and eliminates the signs of aging. People should buy the product because the organic ingredients makes the lips look younger and is affordable.

Smashbox O-Plump Initiative Lip Plumper

Its major ingredients include avocado oil and Pomegranate seed. People should use it because these important revitalizing supplements add shine to your lips.