Best Multivitamin For Men

It’s a fact that even when we stick to eating purely healthy food, our bodies will not be able to absorb sufficient nutrients for the day. This is why taking multivitamins is a good decision for those who want to invest in their continued good health or stay fit. There are many multivitamins to choose from in the market but there are specific products for men and women. This is because although the kind of nutrients we all need are the same, it’s the amount needed from each nutrient that varies depending on the gender.

Here’s a guide to aid you in selecting the best multivitamins for men as well as a list of the top products.

Buying Guide

When choosing a multivitamin, it’s important to consider the current health of an individual as well as the lifestyle. When you’re suffering from certain medical conditions because of a vitamin deficiency, then it makes sense to choose a multivitamin with higher levels of that vitamin. If a man is particularly active and always busy, then he will likely need more vitamins that can help maintain his energy.

There are some essential nutrients, however, that all men need. Protein is one. This is necessary for building strength and muscle and increasing energy. For cardiovascular health and to strengthen the heart, turn to fish oil. To remove toxins in the body and fortify the immune system, Vitamin C is also vital.

The following vitamins and minerals are also highly beneficial. The B Vitamins especially B12 helps combat constant tiredness and loss of energy. Most of all, it lessens the risk of some types of cancer such as prostate. Calcium together with magnesium mainly enhances bone and muscle health. Vitamin D3 meanwhile reinforces the body’s immune system to facilitate healing and recovery.

Top 7 Multivitamins For Men

User Experience
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Universal Nutrition Animal Pak Contains more than 55 nutrients; designed for men with vigorous workout routines; provides mix of amino acids + ginseng & carnitine Very GoodAffordable4.5 / 5
Rainbow Light Men’s One Contains all essential nutrients but specifically rich in B vitamins; also comes with calcium & magnesium + probiotics; sustained energy throughout the daySuperiorAffordable4.8 / 5
Controlled Labs Orange Triad Provides all essential vitamins & high in zinc, calcium & magnesium; contains significant amounts of joint fortifiers, boosts immune system & regulates digestion Very GoodAffordable4.3 / 5
Universal Nutrition Daily Formula Contains more than 2 dozens vitamins & minerals; also has ingredients targeting digestive system + B vitamins Very GoodAffordable4.4 / 5
JYM Vita JYM Made for athletes & people doing weight training; contains at least 25 ingredients to improve your overall health & wellbeing; also increases body recovery from strain & injury Very GoodAffordable4.3 / 5
Gaspari Nutrition Anavite Multivitamin Supplement specially formulated for joint & muscle repair & recovery; fortifies body against injuries; has at least 25 nutrients required by athletes + minerals & carnitine Very GoodAffordable4.5 / 5
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men Best when into fitness; contains around 22 vitamins & minerals; builds muscles & improves performance; made with antioxidants & amino acids GoodHigh4.0 / 5

1. Universal Nutrition Animal Pak

The Universal Nutrition Animal Pak has more than 55 nutrients that help build muscle and strengthen the body. It’s especially designed for men who work out vigorously and are involved in sports or bodybuilding. Aside from being packed with the essential vitamins and minerals, it also provides a blend of amino acids and ingredients like ginseng and carnitine to enhance performance. One downside of this product, however, is that among other multivitamins, it’s one of those with a higher price.

2. Rainbow Light Men’s One

With the Rainbow Light Men’s One, you will have sustained energy throughout the day while improving your general health. This supplement contains all the essential nutrients but is specifically rich in the B vitamins. It also has important minerals such as calcium and magnesium, plus probiotics to facilitate better digestion. The only drawback to this multivitamin is for bodybuilders since it does not include amino acids and other nutrients for building muscle.

3. Controlled Labs Orange Triad

Another top quality multivitamin is the Controlled Labs Orange Triad. Aside from providing all the essential vitamins, it’s also high in minerals like zinc, calcium, and magnesium. It also contains significant amounts of ingredients aimed at fortifying the joints, boosting the immune system and regulating digestion. On the other hand, it recommends taking half a dozen tablets daily which some users find too large a serving.

4. Universal Nutrition Daily Formula

The Universal Nutrition Daily Formula is a superb multivitamin with plenty of benefits for most men. It has more than 2 dozen different kinds of vitamins and minerals to meet your needs per day and improve your health. In addition to that, it also has ingredients that target the digestive system and it’s rich in the B vitamins for energy. If you’re an athlete or weight lifter, though, this supplement might not be enough for you.

5. JYM Vita JYM

For athletes and those involved in weight training, the JYM Vita JYM does a great job of providing your body with vital nutrients for enhancing your performance. It has at least 25 ingredients that improve your overall health and wellbeing, including the B vitamins which are needed for more energy. It’s also known to increase the recovery of your body from strain and injury. Because of all these terrific features, however, it’s understandable that this multivitamin does come with a higher than average price.

6. Gaspari Nutrition Anavite Multivitamin

If you’re into fitness, you should also take a look at the Gaspari Nutrition Anavite Multivitamin. This supplement is specially formulated to help joints and muscles repair and recover from strenuous exercise. It also fortifies your body to guard against injury. It contains at least 25 nutrients needed by athletes including several minerals and ingredients like carnitine. For optimal results, you’ll need to take more than just a couple of tablets, though.

7. Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men

The Optimum Nutrition Opti-Men has also been praised by its users for its effective results. It’s best for men who are more concerned about fitness since aside from 22 vitamins and minerals, it also builds muscle and improves your performance. Full of antioxidants and amino acids, it’s ideal for helping to protect your body from injury and at the same time facilitating quicker recovery. Most users are very pleased with this multivitamin although some are a bit uncomfortable with the large size of the tablets.