Best Nail Strengtheners: 7 Best Options for 2017 Compared

Many women suffer from nails that easily chip, are brittle, and will not grow. This problem can be easily addressed by practicing good nail care habits. However, if you want to have healthier nails faster, then your solution lies in the power of nail strengtheners. They are not only effective, but they are also inexpensive. This article will tell you more about this powerful nail solution, as well as provide you with recommendations of today’s best nail hardeners.

The Best Nail Strengthener 

Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream

Why this it is our #1 choice:

  1. Made with reliable formula to help nails grow healthier and stronger
  2. Ingredients work to resist splits, peels, and breaks
  3. Totally formaldehyde-free

How Nail Strengtheners Work

Nail hardeners are used to toughen nails and prevent damage, like chipping or flaking. These issues can be tough to deal with because they make your nails appear unattractive. If you wear nail polish on top of your damaged nails, you might only worsen the problem. Nail hardeners can help protect and heal your nails in a shorter time.

What You Should Know About Nail Hardeners

Nail strengtheners help your nails become tougher and look better. They are packed with proteins to help promote a healthy nail growth. They react with your nails’ natural protein and form a chemical bond that results in stronger protein chains.

Most hardeners contain ethyl acetate. This key ingredient works to bond the other agents together. Many hardeners may have calcium for weak or soft nails, as well as conditioners for the brittle ones. Manicurists strongly recommend applying a nail hardener a few times per week, with or without a nail polish. For best results, apply a thin layer of the hardener every day until you decide to change your nail polish.

Not all hardeners contain safe ingredients. Some may have formalin or formaldehyde. These two can damage your nail. The formaldehyde can harden your nails initially. However, with time, your nail will become brittle and at risk of separating off your nail bed.

Formaldehyde can also trigger severe allergic reactions. The skin can become swollen, irritated, and painful. These harmful ingredients are also said to be carcinogenic and must be avoided. This is why it is extremely important to read the packaging and instructions carefully before using any nail care product. Some manufacturers warn customers against possible side effects, like stinging on the nail beds. Make sure to check whether the hardener is safe to use on your skin or nail. Immediately discontinue use when you feel any discomfort, and contact your doctor.

How to Grow Your Nails Healthily

You can maximize the use of your nail strengthener when you practice good habits. These include stopping nail picking or biting as it creates stress fractures and ridges. Another tip would be to use rubber gloves whenever you clean at home because most solvents contain toxic chemicals that can damage your nails. Water can also weaken your nails, which is why you need to apply moisturizing cream regularly. In addition, you should refrain from using your nails to open products, boxes, or envelopes to prevent breakage.

Best Nail Strengthener 2017

There is a wide variety of nail strengtheners available today. They all work to treat your damaged nails and protect them from harmful chemicals. Below are the product reviews on some of the best nail strengtheners on the market to help you narrow down your choices.

User Experience
Price to Expect
Our Rate
DeLore Organics Nail Hardener Contains purified oils to penetrate deep into nail bed; hydrates & heals cuticle; contains wheat germ & peanut oils GoodLow3.9 / 5
Nailtiques Formula 2 PlusFormula designed to harden nails & prevent them from chipping or peeling; encourages nails to grow healthier & longer; fast results in a matter of weeksVery GoodLow4.3 / 5
OPI NaturalDesigned to strengthen, protect & restore thin & brittle nails; results seen in a very short time; nail treatment product priced affordably GoodMid-Range4.0 / 5
Quimica AlemanaMulti-functioning nail care solution; strengthens keratin structure of nails to make them tougher; forms a protective covering to reduce chipping; promote nail growthVery GoodMid-Range4.1 / 5
Nail Tek Transition Care KitOffers 2-step system to help repair, strengthen & protect nails without discomfort; comes with a ridge-filling coat, rejuvenating nail oil & a protective top coat; contains small amount of formaldehyde & provides gradual & gentle transition Very GoodMid-Range4.3 / 5
Barielle Nail Strengthener CreamCream form nail care product containing safe ingredients; helps keep nails protected from splitting, peeling & chipping; formula contains safe ingredients + completely formaldehyde-free ExcellentMid-Range4.5 / 5
Mavala ScientifiqueUses Swiss formula to heal & protect nails for years; works pretty well on nail tips that easily break; easy & simple to useVery GoodHigh4.2 / 5

DeLore Organics Nail Hardener

The DeLore Organics nail strengthener offers a completely different approach to keeping your nails tougher and healthier. This product contains purified oils that work by penetrating deep into your nail bed to hydrate and heal the cuticle. When your nails are hydrated, the healthier and stronger they will be. This product also contains wheat germ and peanut oils, so watch out for possible allergies.

Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus

This nail hardener does pretty well in toughening your nails. Its formula is designed to harden your nails, while preventing them from chipping or peeling. Furthermore, this product will encourage your nails to grow healthier and longer. You should already see improvements in just a few weeks.

OPI Natural

Opi is best knowns for its high quality beauty products. Its Opi Natural nail hardener is designed to strengthen, protect, and restore your thin and brittle nails. You will see results in a very short time. Moreover, this nail treatment product promotes natural nail growth at a faster pace.

Quimica Alemana

The Quimica Alemana is among today’s best nail strengtheners. This product is made in Columbia, and is claimed to be a multi-functioning nail care solution. It strengthens the keratin structure of your nails to make them tougher.

It also forms a protective covering over the nails to reduce the chipping and to promote nail growth. Simply apply a thin coating once a week. You can even use it as a base coat before applying your nail polish. For prevention, apply a thin layer every week.

Nail Tek Transition Care Kit

Nail Tek is one of the best solutions to your thin, sensitive, and damaged nails. This nail care kit offers a two-step system that will help repair, strengthen, and protect your nails without any discomfort. It has a ridge-filling coat, a rejuvenating nail oil, and a protective top coat. While it does contain a tiny amount of formaldehyde, it is not enough to damage your nails. The transition is gentle and gradual, resulting in healthy and stronger nails.

Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream

This nail care product comes in the form of a cream. It contains safe ingredients that will surely allow your nails to grow healthier and stronger. This product can help keep your nails protected from spliting, peeling, and chipping. Its formula contains safe ingredients, and is completely formaldehyde-free.

Mavala Scientifique

This nail strengthener has a Swiss formula that has been healing and protecting nails for years. It works pretty well on nail tips that break easily. Using the Mavala Scientifique is easy, simply apply a small amount only on the nail tips and allow it to set. Wash your hands with clean water.  It should be noted, however, that this product should not be applied over your nail polish. If you have been suffering from badly damaged nail tips, then the Mavala might be your best option.

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