Best Numbing Cream for Waxing (Top 8 Reviewed, Affordable Best Rated Product!)

Updated 14th March, 2017. Numbing cream can be a life-saver when it comes to waxing, tattooing, and removing hair through laser. While most experts say only minimal pain will be felt during these procedures, not everyone has a high tolerance for it. Some people will complain at the onset of mild discomfort because, for them, the pain is already excruciating. There are numerous pain alleviating options that you can try, but the topical numbing cream is the best.

How Numbing Cream Works

Numbing creams come in different types, and each offers various active ingredients. Lidocaine is the most common because of its powerful pain relief solution. This local anesthetic works by blocking the nerve endings to reduce the amount of pain you feel. The pain signals are blocked from reaching the brain.

Tetracaine and benzocaine are the other common active ingredients found in numbing creams. They are chemical barriers that prevent the build up of electrical signals in your nerve endings. Stimulated nerve endings result in the production of sodium, causing the build up of electrical signals.

When these signals have become large enough, they will begin traveling to the brain and be interpreted as pain. These two ingredients can be used for hair removal procedures to minimize the discomfort caused by cold sores, minor skin irritations, sun burns, or stings.

Best Numbing Cream

Our top pick for 2017

Numb Master 5% Topical Anesthetic Lidocaine Cream

Why we chose it:

  1. This is an FDA-approved product
  2. Non-Oily
  3. Numbing effect lasts up to 1 hour

Numbing Cream Reviews

Product NameFeatures You Will LoveWhat Users SayPrice LevelOur Say
Numb Master 5% Topical Anesthetic Lidocaine Cream One of the strongest OTC numbing creams contains 5% Lidocaine; non-greasy formula is a blend of micro-needling procedures with topical anesthetic; easy to apply or remove with effect lasting for about an hour and a half ExcellentMid-Range4.5 / 5
LMX 5Cream is designed to work with different medical/cosmetic procedures and treatments including waxing; contains 5% Lidocaine; needs to set on the skin before taking effectGoodMid-Range4 / 5
TopicaineContains 5% Lidocaine enough to reduce pain or discomfort during epilation; takes effect in an hour and numbing effect lasts for 1.5 hrs.; comes with easy to follow instructionsGoodLow4 / 5
Dr Numb Maximum Topical Anesthetic Anorectal CreamMost popular numbing cream in the tattoo industry that contains Lidocaine and Prilocaine; water-based and non-greasy; cream application is 2 hrs prior to a process but lasts shorter compared to other brandsGoodHigh4 / 5
Hush Anesthetic Numbing Gel FDA-approved numbing cream that comes in clear gel form and contains 4% Lidocaine with a unique combination of plant extracts such as aloe; non-greasy gel relieves pain in tattoing process, tattoo removal, or body piercingVery GoodHigh4.2 / 5
Lidocaine Plus Affordable numbing cream contains 4% Lidocaine and works perfectly for those on a budget; water-based product contains aloe vera to ease people with sensitive skin; sets for 90 minutes to make you almost pain-free for about an hour.GoodLow4 / 5
No Scream Cream Contains 20 percent Benzocaine; formula is safe and compatible with all skin types; allow the cream to set for about 45 mins to an hour before any procedureGoodLow4 / 5
Gigi Honee AnestheticGreat alternative to cream-based numbing products; comes in nice smelling spray form and easy to apply; contains 4% Lidocaine to numb the area only in a few minutes. GoodLow4 / 5

Best Numbing Cream For Waxing

Numb Master 5% Topical Anesthetic Lidocaine Cream

The Numb Master contains five percent Lidocaine, making it one of the strongest over-the-counter numbing creams. Its formula is a combination of micro-needling procedures with topical anesthetic. In addition, this product was created with the approval of the Food and Drug Administration to ensure the highest standards are met. It does a great job at lessening the pain, and the effect lasts for about an hour and a half. It is also easy to apply and remove as it is not cakey nor greasy.


The KMX5 is developed by Ferndale Labs, a well-known pharmaceutical firm in the United States that specialize in dermatological innovations. This cream is designed to work with various medical or cosmetic procedures and treatments, including waxing. Like the previous brand, this one also contains five percent Lidocaine, along with other powerful active ingredients. One thing to note when using the LMX5 is that you need to be patient and allow the product to set on your skin long enough.


The Topicaine contains five percent Lidocaine, which is enough to greatly reduce the pain or discomfort felt during hair removal. The instructions provided are easy to understand and follow. For best results, apply a thin layer of this topical numbing cream over the affected area and let it set on the skin until it becomes completely numb. The usual amount of time needed for the product to take effect is around an hour, and will last for one and a half hours.

Dr Numb Maximum Topical Anesthetic Anorectal Cream

Dr. Numb is a popular numbing cream in the tattoo industry. Its two main ingredients are Lidocaine and Prilocaine. This cream is water-based and not oily. Since it has five percent Lidocaine, this product definitely does a great job. It is also FDA-approved and Health Canada certified. People who need pain relief on sensitive areas will want this brand. However, its effect does not last as long as the others on the list.

Hush Anesthetic Numbing Gel

Hush is an FDA-approved numbing cream that makes your waxing experience a breeze. It comes as a clear gel that contains four percent Lidocaine, and a unique blend of plant extracts like aloe. It is also not oily and is guaranteed animal-testing free. The only thing you need to watch out from this product is its efficiency that wears off faster than other creams.

Lidocaine Plus

Lidocaine Plus 4% is another affordable numbing cream that works great for people who need pain relief, but are tight on budget. This numbing cream contains aloe vera, and four percent Lidocaine. It is also water-based, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin. It may not be as effective as the other more expensive creams, but allowing it to set for 90 minutes will make you almost pain-free for about an hour.

No Scream Cream

The No Scream numbing cream is developed by US-based licensed aesthetician Deborah Merhar who is also a waxing expert. Merhar has over 15 years of experience in the industry, and has produced a number of depilatory devices. The No Scream topical numbing cream contains 20 percent Benzocaine. Its formula is safe and compatible with all skin types. For best results, allow the cream to set for about 45 minutes to an hour before the procedure.

Gigi Honee Anesthetic

The Gigi Honee Anesthetic is a great alternative to the cream-based numbing products. It comes as a spray that is easy to apply. This product is used to numb your skin before a hair removal procedure. It contains four percent Lidocaine that numbs the area only within a few minutes. While it does not completely rid of the pain, applying a generous amount will greatly reduce the discomfort. The spray smells nice, too.

How to Apply Numbing Creams

  • Most topical numbing creams are easy to apply. For best results, simply follow these steps
  • Wash the area thoroughly to ensure the removal of any dead skin, dirt, or bacteria
  • Apply the first layer of numbing cream to your skin about an hour before the procedure or treatment
  • Rub the first layer until the skin absorbs it
  • Apply the second layer to the skin, but just allow it to sit on top of the skin
  • Scrape off the second layer before the treatment, and rub any remaining cream as much as possible
  • Enjoy the nearly painless waxing experience

These are the best numbing creams today that will make your waxing experience fun. While they work great in numbing the area, remember that they do not completely remove the pain or discomfort. Take time in reading this guide to see which numbing cream will match your needs.

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Numbing Cream

Numbing creams are helpful to numb the torment in minor restorative strategies, body adjustment, and inoculation. A direct result of their desensitizing impact obstructing the skin nerves from conveying pain signs to the cerebrum for some time.

Numbing creams are utilized by individuals while having tattoos or puncturing. They used as a part of a few minor corrective and therapeutic techniques like biopsy, immunization, hair evacuation, waxing, and derma-roller.

Be that as it may, there are a few things you should consider before obtaining the numbing gel. Perused beneath the focuses to be kept in the brain for the same.

Your Purpose:

A few desensitizing creams like NumbSkin are multipurpose and utilized for all reasons like minor surgery and inking. Be that as it may, with regards to numb the skin inside the mouth, you require distinctive desensitizing creams. There are numerous desensitizing brands which are perfect for this reason as they contain benzocaine, which is accepted to give immediate help. Try not to swallow the cream.

Check the Active Ingredients:

Topical numbing treatments contain Lidocaine, which is the first desensitizing specialist. 5% of Lidocaine is a perfect amount of desensitizing cream. Ensure the pH esteem is under seven as antacid operators can ruin your tattoo’s ink.

Do I Need Doctor’s Prescription?

Not really! A significant portion of the topical numb creams acquired at any medication store. Be that as it may, ensure you take after the rules to utilize them. On the off chance that you have any medicinal condition or seeking solutions, you should counsel your specialist before using desensitizing cream.

Know the Pros and Cons

For the most part, the desensitizing cream doesn’t have any reaction insofar as you’re using them as a part of a correct path with all precautionary measures. If you don’t use them correctly, odds are you may feel a disturbance, redness or smoldering sensation. Some desensitizing cream sets aside a lot of opportunities to numb your skin while others do it rapidly.

Quality is Must

Not every single desensitizing cream are productive to numb the skin appropriately. Pick the quality desensitizing treatments after perusing the audits and do some examination. Aside from that, it ought to endorsed by FDA and other government wellbeing associations. You can pick NumbSkin topical desensitizing cream which contains the right detailing to numb your skin in the least time.

Numbing Cream is Not for Big Surgeries

Before that numbing cream can be utilized just as a part of minor surgeries. Desensitizing cream can’t be employed for the significant operations as specialists use anesthesia for this reason.

In this way, these are tips you should consider before purchasing a numbing cream.