Best Pomade For Men – We Crown 2017s Best Options

Most men use gel or wax to style their hair but not many are familiar with the classic pomade. This hair styling product has been around for quite some time and it’s traditionally used to create a glossy, wet and neat look. One of pomade’s advantages over other products is that allows more control so that you can re-style or fix up your hair as needed. It’s best for hairstyles like the undercut and pompadour.

The Winner!

Imperial Classic Pomade

Why we like it:

  1. Prides itself to provide industrial strength hold
  2. Waterbased, rinses easily & applies smoothly & evenly on hair
  3. More satisfied customers reported

If you’re thinking of switching to pomade or trying it out for a new hairstyle, here’s a guide to buying the right product and suggestions on the best men’s pomade brands to consider.

Best Pomade For Men 2017

User Feedback
Price Expectation
Our Rating
American Crew Classic Pomade Medium hold waterbased pomade that provides a nice shine; with pleasant mild musky scent& rinses off easily; works well for thin & thick hair GoodHigh4.0 / 5
Imperial Classic Pomade Waterbased professional quality pomade with exceptionally strong hold that lasts all day; gives medium amount of shine for sleek matte effect; easy to apply & style + washes off quickly Very GoodMid-Range4.3 / 5
Layrite Super Hold Pomade Super hold pomade for coarse & wavy hair; scented with vanilla & waterbased pomade + does not dry out quickly; washes out with ease providing balance between matte & extra-shiny hairExcellentMid-Range4.5 / 5
Reuzel Red Offers good hold & adequate control; waterbased pomade leaves moderate shine& allows easy restyling; comes with appealing delicate scent & removes quicklyVery GoodLow4.4 / 5
Shiner Gold Heavy Hold Waterbased with moderately strong hold ideal for curly & thick hair; offers brilliant shine; comes with attractive coconut scent Very GoodLow4.4 / 5
Black and White Hair Dressing Pomade Oil-based pomade with lightweight feel that stays on to hair for several hours; provides excellent hold for hours; offers delicate powdery scent + nice luster Very GoodLow4.3 / 5
Lockhart’s Hair Pomade Limited Edition Goon Grease Oil-based with amazing all-day hold + great deal of shine; easy to apply; comes with a range of attractive scents Very GoodMid-Range4.3 / 5
Uppercut Monster Hold PomadeOil-based pomade with superior hold & maximum staying power; features a nice fresh scent with enough shine + control & excellent styling; easy to rinse offGoodMid-Range4.0 / 5

Best Pomade For Thin Hair

1. American Crew Classic Pomade

The American Crew pomade offers pretty decent medium hold which is capable of staying in place the whole day. Your hair gets a nice shine with a pleasantly mild musky scent. Since the pomade is water-based, it rinses off easily with a good shampoo. It works well for both thin and thick hair and it leaves the hair supple enough to make re-styling easier.

2. Imperial Classic Pomade

A well-known brand among pomades, Imperial products are of professional quality. Our featured pomade, the Imperial Classic, provides an exceptionally strong hold which lasts all day. It also gives a medium amount of shine, ideal for sleek but matte looks. This water-based pomade is easy to apply and style as well while leaving a subtle fruity aroma. Aside from that, it washes off quickly without any trouble.

Best Pomade For Thick Hair

3. Layrite Super Hold Pomade

When it comes to pomades, Layrite has gained a reputation for being one of the best. The Layrite Super Hold pomade is able to tame even coarse and wavy hair. It’s scented with vanilla and has a remarkably strong hold. Despite being a water-based pomade, it does not dry out quickly, plus it washes out with ease. Its shine is also a good balance between matte and extra-shiny.

4. Reuzel Red

The Reuzel Red pomade has received generally positive reviews from most of its users. It offers a pretty good hold and adequate control. This water-based pomade leaves a moderate level of shine. It allows restyling over the course of the day and has an appealing delicate scent. You can also remove it from your hair with a good wash.

Best Pomade For Curly Hair

5. Shiner Gold Heavy Hold

Another topnotch pomade worth buying is Shiner Gold Heavy Hold. This water-based pomade delivers a moderately strong hold, which is ideal for curly and thick hair. It also results in a brilliant shine which is not often found in water-based pomades. The attractive coconut scent is another plus. It’s affordably priced as well.

6. Black and White Hair Dressing Pomade

One of the pomade brands that has made its mark in the industry is Black and White Hair Dressing. This oil-based pomade feels quite lightweight when compared to other petroleum-based products. It goes on your hair smoothly and has an excellent hold which lasts a few hours. This pomade also has a delicate powder-like scent and infuses your hair with a nice luster.

7. Lockhart’s Hair Pomade Limited Edition Goon Grease

A favorite among fans of old-style pomades is Lockhart’s Authentic Goon Grease. This oil-based pomade ranks among the best for plenty of reasons. Its performance is so far unparalleled. It has an amazing all-day hold and provides a great deal of shine. Applying and working this product into the hair is also easy. The range of attractive scents is worth mentioning as well.

8. Uppercut Monster Hold Pomade

The Uppercut Monster Hold pomade is an oil-based pomade which has the best hold in the Uppercut line. It has a superior hold and maximum staying power with a nice fresh scent. It gives just enough shine and its control and workability is very good. It’s also one of the oil-based pomades that’s easier to rinse off.

Pomade Buying Guide:

1. Is it water-based or petroleum-based?

For years, petroleum was used as the base for pomades. It’s only recently that water-based pomades were created. Petroleum-based pomade does not dry out and it provides an excellent hold. Water-based pomade, meanwhile, is less greasy and feels lighter, but, it does tend to dry out after several hours. When it comes to hold, they can provide medium to strong hold. Oil or petroleum -based pomades often cost less than water-based types but if you have sensitive skin prone to acne, water-based pomades will be more suitable for you.

2. What’s your hair type?

Thicker hair will need products with a strong to extra-strong hold while finer hair would need only light to medium hold. Heavier products will only pull thin hair down instead of keeping it propped up in the style you made. If you have naturally greasy or oily hair, you’ll want to avoid petroleum-based pomade as it can aggravate your hair problem. As for curly hair and hair prone to frizz, they can be tamed well with oil-based pomade.

3. How strong is its hold?

Another advantage of pomades is that they can hold hair very well without making it stiff. Pomades can also be classified according to the strength of their hold, such as light, medium, strong and extra-strong. The thicker or curlier your hair, the stronger the hold of your pomade should be. Hairstyles like quiffs will need medium to strong hold to maintain its form during the day.

4. How shiny will your hair look?

Pomades can also provide different levels of shine, from light to medium and extra-shine. If you want a noticeable sheen, choose extra-shine pomade. For a light glossy look, try the medium to light shine products and to avoid shine altogether, opt for matte pomade. People with naturally shiny hair might want to consider matte or light shine products but if your hair looks dull, medium to extra-shine products are recommended.

5. How washable is it?

Pomades are typically harder to wash out from the hair compared to other products. They can be a little more challenging to wash out from the hands, too. It may take a couple of washes before you can remove the pomade or you can use a good quality cleansing shampoo. If you prefer a more washable pomade, which only needs water to rinse off, go for water-based pomades rather than oil-based.

6. How easy is it to apply and re-style throughout the day?

The best quality pomades will only require a little amount to work, about two scoops of the product. This should be enough to set your hair in place and allow you to fix up your hairstyle throughout the day. Your hair will remain pliable and easy to style. Other pomades, though, will lose their hold after a few hours and need to be re-applied.

7. What kind of scent does it have?

A variety of smells are also offered by different pomades. Some might have a mild scent while others have a stronger fragrance. You can choose subtle fruity or woodsy scents or more powerful musky aromas. If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to use pomade without a scent or one that’s very light.