Best Sit Under Hair Dryers

Very few people are blessed with naturally lustrous hair that dries like it was done in a salon. Even after using various hair dryer attachments, many would still struggle to achieve that effortlessly-beautiful look. People with unruly hair will find a bonnet hair dryer their life saver. It may even be the best answer to the daily hair struggle.

We Crown the #1 Sit-Under Hair Dryer

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Sit-Under Dryer

Why we chose this product:

  1. It dries hair fast with its ion-infused airflow
  2. Also ideal for processing chemical and conditioning treatments
  3. Priced affordably with more number of satisfied customers

Gone are the days of hair-damaging styling tools that only make things worse. If you want a safe, efficient, and affordable way to tame your hair and look fabulous everyday, then this article has all the right information that you need to find the best sit-under hair dryer. Read on to know more about this fantastic hair styling equipment, and how this professional tool can now be yours to use at home.

Different Sit-Under Types

There are basically four types of sit-under hair dryers:

  • Hand-held: The most common type of sit-under dryer is this one. It requires you to hold the dryer and move it around your head. Some bonnet dryers are used by attaching a hand-held dryer.
  • Soft bonnet: This one features a hose, a base, and a collapsible bonnet that is attached directly to the head. It will usually inflate around your head during the drying process.
  • Hard bonnet: This type is made of a hard material. You can set it on a table or other sturdy surfaces, and allow the bonnet to sit on the head.
  • Rollabout: This one has a hard bonnet that sits on your head. Unlike the hard bonnet, this one stands on the ground for stability and can be rolled around. There is no more need to mount it anywhere. This type is often seen in salons.

Useful Buying Tips

Before you head out to buy a hooded hair dryer, below are some tips that will help you pick the right one for your drying needs:


It is important to consider the available space that you have when buying a bonnet hair dryer. The soft type is the most collapsible, meaning you can store in anywhere you want. Rollabout dryers, meanwhile, are meant to stay fully-assembled and just moved out of the way when not in use.

Soft or Hard

Soft dryers, as mentioned earlier, are more portable as they only need your head for support. If you have ample space, then you can consider the hard type. It is crucial to read the specifications before purchasing to see whether you will need a hand-held dryer to attach to your sit-under.

Heat Settings

Sit-unders are normally equipped with adjustable heat setting. The higher setting can be used when you are in a rush and needing a quick fix. This setting, however, can damage your hair in the long run. Make sure to use the lower heat whenever possible. If you plan to use the sit-under for various hair treatments, then make sure to purchase one that has a good range of heat options.


Sit-under hair dryers have a price ranging from $20 to $200. You should consider your personal budget to manage your expectations. Take time in checking out the different bonnet dryer options out there to make sure that you buy the best one for your needs without breaking the bank.

Best Sit-Under Hair Dryers

The search for the best bonnet/sit-under/hooded hair dryer can be difficult, if not overwhelming. In this portion, you will be introduced to the seven best sit-under hair dryers today that you can consider. Each of them has something special to offer, so carefully check which has the best set of features for your needs.

User Feedback
Price to Expect
Our Rate
Vintage Dazey Natural WonderPortable bonnet hair dryer made from durable plastic material; works well for natural hair type; perfect vintage look GoodMid-Range4.0 / 5
ConairPro Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer AttachmentSoft sit-under hair dryer perfect for travelers and busy people; universal hair styling tool attaches to any hair dryer; can make users create any hair style anytime GoodLow3.9 / 5
Gold ‘N Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet DryerContemporary-looking hooded hair dryer with compact design ideal for travel; big enough to cover rollers of different sizes; equipped with long and flexible hose makes dryer semi-mobileVery GoodMid-Range4.2 / 5
Hot Tools Tourmaline Tools 1059 Ionic Hair DryerDries hair faster without damage to strands; highly recommended for natural hair; uses lower heat setting to protect strands from heat damageVery GoodHigh4.2 / 5
Hot Tools Portable Rolling Salon Hair DryerUses ionic nano technology and tourmaline to dry hair; adjustable front visor accommodates rollers of any size; with 2- speed & 4-heat-settings GoodHigh4.0 / 5
Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Sit-Under DryerSoft bonnet hair dryer creates ion-infused air-flow to dry hair fast; big and durable enough to contain large rollers; 3-heat and speed settings ExcellentMid-Range4.6 / 5

Vintage Dazey Natural Wonder

This bonnet hair dryer has been around since the 1980s. There are models that are portable, while some are set on a stand. Natural Wonder is made of durable plastic material, and works pretty well for natural hair. Its vintage look makes it perfect in almost any household with preference for a classic vibe.

ConairPro Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment

This soft sit-under hair dryer is great for travelers and people who are always on-the-go. It attaches well to any hair dryer, making it a universal hair styling tool. Using this dryer is easy, too. All you have to do is to attach the tube to the hair dryer, and fasten the bonnet around your hair. You can create any hair style anytime, anywhere you go.

Gold ‘N Hot Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

This hooded hair dryer has a compact design that makes it great for travel. Its contemporary look is adorned with gold attachments and a white body. In addition, this soft bonnet hair dryer is big enough to easily cover rollers of any size. The long and flexible hose allows the dryer to be semi-mobile.

Hot Tools Tourmaline Tools 1059 Ionic Hair Dryer

The Tourmaline Tools 1059 is another great hooded hair dryer that styles without causing any damage. It uses ionic nano-technology that allows it to give you a salon-quality hair treatment. With a 1,875-watt power output, this tool makes hair drying faster without damaging the strands. The front visor and bonnet can be adjusted, too, for versatility. The speed and heat settings are also provided to help you create different styles.

Andis Professional Bonnet Hair Dryer (80610)

This model dries your hair faster without causing damage to the strands. It is highly recommended for use on natural hair. You can easily achieve your desired hair style using a lower heat setting to protect the strands against heat damage.

Hot Tools Portable Rolling Salon Hair Dryer

This model uses ionic nano technology and tourmaline to dry your hair without frizz and damage. The front visor can be adjusted to accommodate rollers of any size. There are two speed- and four heat-settings that you can try to achieve your dream hairstyles.

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Sit-Under Dryer

This soft bonnet hair dryer produces ion-infused air-flow that dries the hair faster, while keeping its natural shine and softness. The bonnet is big enough to accommodate large rollers, and durable enough to be used for chemical treatments. There are three heat and speed settings to try, too.

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