Top 7 Best Boar Bristle Hair Brushes

One of the secrets to beautiful hair is using the right brush and you’ll find none better than the boar bristle brush. These brushes are made from the hairs of boars and they’ve been used by women over the years to straighten and add shine to their hair. Even without other hair styling products, boar bristle brushes can keep the hair frizz-free while adding a nice sheen and locking in moisture.

Top of the line Boar Bristle Brush

Ibiza Hair Medium Round Brush

Why we chose it:

  1. It is meant for all hair types & lengths
  2. It is lightweight & easy to manage
  3. It belongs to the mid-range price level which is loved by most users

Use this buying guide to choose the best boar bristle brush for your needs and take a look at our recommended products.

Buying Guide:

– Space between the bristles

Boar bristle brushes are perfect for adding volume to hair. This is a great advantage for those with thin hair but is not ideal for coarse hair. Fine hair needs a brush with wide spacing between the bristles so that the brush can grasp more hair. Thick hair, meanwhile, should look for narrow spacing so that shine and conditioning are brought to the hair but with less volume.

– Length of the bristles

Before buying the brush, check to make sure that the bristles are long enough to penetrate your hair and reach your scalp. These bristles can gently massage your scalp to stimulate growth and keep it healthy. The thicker your hair is, the longer the bristles should be. The bristles should also be long enough to allow you to wrap your hair around it.

– Kind of brush

There are different kinds of brushes available for boar bristles as well. A round brush is used when blow drying and styling the hair. With it, you can create a nice curl or wave at your hair’s ends. For soft and smooth hair, use a paddle brush which can cover a larger area and comb more hair in lesser time compared to a round brush.

– Size of the brush

Shorter hair will do fine with a smaller brush but for long hair, larger brushes are a must. A larger brush will let you work through all of your long hair more quickly and with fewer strokes. This reduces the chances of frizz and helps you avoid over-brushing which could eventually break or damage your hair.

– Pure boar bristles or mixed

Some brushes use only boar bristles and these feel very soft and gentle. You’ll need this kind of brush if you have delicate or damaged hair. Other brushes are, however, made up of a mix of boar bristles and nylon. These are best for thick hair since they provide the benefits of boar bristles together with the stiffness of nylon to go through coarse or dense hair more easily.

Top 7 Boar Bristle Brushes

User Feedback
Price Level
Our Rate
Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brush 5 lines of boar bristles & nylon strands; ideal for most hair types; mild on hair & scalp, sturdy & built to lastGoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Olivia Garden Ceramic And Ion Supreme Large Paddle Comb Boar Bristles Hair Brush Combines boar & synthetic ionic bristles; ceramic coating for blow drying; sizable paddle; suitable for thick & long hairGoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Spornette Italian Collection Boar Rounder Brush Fit most hair types & lengths; purely boar bristles, lightweight wooden handle; available in various sizes & bristle lengthsGoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Moroccanoil Ceramic Barrel Boar Bristle Round Brush Boar bristles + ceramic-coated barrel; comfortable wood handle; perfect for drying, styling & curling GoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Brushlab Thermal Round Hair Brush Pure boar bristles, ceramic material; great for styling in different ways; easy-to-hold rubber grip + available different sizesVery GoodAffordable4.5 / 5
Bumble and Bumble Flat Brush Boar bristles with nylon filaments; gentle - straightens and smoothens hair; must-have for thick hair GoodAffordable4.0 / 5
Ibiza Hair Medium Round Brush Body made of cork, boar + nylon bristles; lightweight & easy to handle; provides extra smoothness & superior shine OutstandingAffordable4.8 / 5

1. Mason Pearson Boar Bristle Brush

A well-established name among hair brushes, Mason Pearson has released their own boar bristle line. These brushes have five lines of boar bristles together with nylon strands. The combination makes it ideal to use for most hair types. It imparts a nice luster and smoothness to your hair, making hair easy to brush and removing any kinks. The brushes are also mild on the hair and scalp, preventing breakage and keeping brushing pain-free. The brushing motions help increase your scalp’s health. Aside from that, the brushes are sturdy and built to last.

2. Olivia Garden Ceramic And Ion Supreme Large Paddle Comb Boar Bristles Hair Brush

The Olivia Garden Ceramic And Ion Supreme Large Paddle Comb Boar Bristles Hair Brush is made with professional quality and is therefore used and trusted by experts. It utilizes both boar bristles and synthetic ionic bristles to help manage hair and decrease frizz. It’s even great for getting rid of tangles. The brush goes through hair without any trouble which also helps to clean the scalp and hair. It rubs the scalp effectively to increase blood flow and improve your scalp’s health. At the same time, the ceramic coating aids in distributing heat evenly when you’re blow drying. The paddle is sizable as well, suitable for thick and long hair.

3. Spornette Italian Collection Boar Rounder Brush

Another highly recommended product is the Spornette Italian Collection Boar Rounder Brush. These brushes are available in various sizes with different bristle lengths, to fit most types of hair, thick, thin, long and short. The bristles are purely boar and you can use them for gentle detangling or to style and prevent flyaway hair as you blow dry. Ladies with thinner hair will also love the way this brush gives fullness and body to your hair. In addition to that, the handles are wooden for a lightweight feel, comfortable hold and maximum durability.

4. Moroccanoil Ceramic Barrel Boar Bristle Round Brush

Perfect for drying, styling and curling the hair, the Moroccanoil Ceramic Barrel Boar Bristle Round Brush not only does all these but keeps hair smooth and tangle-free in the process. The boar bristles massage the scalp to help it produce oil and the brushing motion spreads these natural oils through the rest of your hair. The ceramic-coated barrel catches heat and distributes it uniformly in the whole brush and into your strands. As for the handle, it’s made of wood to repel heat and give you a comfortable grip.

5. Brushlab Thermal Round Hair Brush

The Brushlab Thermal Round Hair Brush is made with pure boar bristles, which boosts the hair’s naturally healthy appearance. The brush’s ceramic material does a great job of spreading the heat from the blow dryer throughout your hair. This means your hair dries faster and is less exposed to heat and damage. With this brush, you can style your hair in different ways, whether you’d like it to look straight, curly, waved or just give it more volume. The rubber grip makes it easy to hold and control. You can also get this brush in different sizes.

6. Bumble and Bumble Flat Brush

The Bumble and Bumble brand has been around for years and the quality of their products is undeniable. Their Bumble and Bumble Flat Brush is another of their successes. The boar bristles along with nylon filaments straightens and smoothens hair with a gentle touch. It also brushes out any tangles with lesser risks of damage to the hair or pain on your scalp. This paddle brush is a must-have for thick hair as it can keep hair down for lesser fullness since additional volume is unnecessary for coarse hair.

7. Ibiza Hair Medium Round Brush

What makes the Ibiza Hair Medium Round Brush EX3 stand out from other models is that the body is made of cork. This makes the brush truly lightweight and easy to handle. Drying is infinitely easier and less straining on the hand and arms when you’re using this brush. Most of all, the boar bristles mixed with nylon can get a firm hold on the hair as it brushes gently to give your hair extra smoothness and a superior shine. Thin hair becomes noticeably fuller with this top quality brush.