Best Pencil Eyeliner

best pencil eyeliner

Pencil Eyeliner Buying Guide Are you looking for the best type of eyeliner? Well, you should know that pencil eyeliners are easier to use and can be carried just anywhere without any problem. Pencil eyeliners are affordable and range from firm to soft. They are easier to apply and come in different colors. Top of … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Sunset Eyeshadow Palettes

Woman using sunset eyeshadow for stunning look.

Hey guys & gals I’d like to introduce  Amanda Hwang. She is a blogger and dance student sharing her love for beauty, fashion, and life. Enjoy her piece below on finding the best sunset eyeshadow for you. With summer coming up, many brands are jumping on the bandwagon of coming out with sunset-toned eyeshadow products. … Read more

10 Stunningly Simple Tutorials For The Best Eye Makeup Ever

10 fantastic tutorials that turn complex eye makeup into a super-simple step by step processes to follow.

Eye makeup can look stunningly brilliant, but can also be exceedingly hard to pull off without a step by step process (and a little bit of practice). To make life easier, we’ve found 10 fantastic tutorials that turn complex eye makeup into a super-simple step by step process to follow. Check them out and be sure … Read more

Best Heated Eyelash Curler (Top 7 – Updated 2017 List)

Best Heated Eyelash Curler 2016

Most women strive for the natural look with properly made up thick, long, upturned lashes. However, not all of them can do just that. With today’s innovations, lashes can now make you standout and using heated eyelash curlers are the best tools to consider. There are new ways to create attractive lashes and among them is a … Read more