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Best Curling Iron for Thick Hair

We all know that every girl’s nightmare is there frizzy hair, especially when your hair is long and thick that you’re having a hard time maintaining it. One of the reasons on why have a wavy hair is

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Pomade vs Gel vs Wax – Which is Best?

Nobody wants to have a bad hair day. We all want to look our best whenever we go out of the door. Unruly hair can cause a great deal of stress on many people, but there are several ways of taming each

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Best Flat Iron Heat Protectant Sprays: 7 Hottest for 2017 (Pun Intended)

Hair styling tools allow you to set your hair according to how you want to complete your look. There are many different types of styling tools available today that you can take advantage of, but it is

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Curling Wand vs Curling Iron

Hair styling tools have been making women beautiful for many years. There is now a wide range of options available that you can use to create different hair styles. These include the curling wand and the

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Best Curling Iron For Beachy Waves

When done right, beachy waves can give you a simple, gorgeous but casual look, which appears to have been made with little effort. To achieve any look, you will need the best product for beachy waves and

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