Your Go-To Guide On Lighted Makeup Mirrors

woman using lighted mirror to apply cosmetics perfectly

Applying makeup is an integral part of our daily routine. When applied perfectly, makeup can cover the imperfections, scars and other marks and bring out your best features. But when done wrong, you can end up enhancing the flaws you want to hide. One of the most crucial tools required for applying makeup is a … Read more

How to Cure a Burnt Tongue

how to cure burnt tongue

Tongue burn is an annoying mouth injury that can happen to anyone. You can get it from drinking or eating anything that is too hot for your tongue to tolerate. It can be from a hot chocolate, coffee, pizza, or tea. Swelling, redness, and pain are the most common symptoms, but temporary loss of taste … Read more

Best Fogless Shower Mirrors For All Your Needs

Best Fogless Shower Mirrors For All Your Needs

Shower Mirror Buying Guide What do you need from your shower mirror? It sounds like an obvious question – yet, there are more choices to be made when buying a new shower mirror than you may have suspected. Our Top Find The Fogless Shower Mirror by ToiletTree Products Why we chose it: Fogless for life … Read more

Best Clothes Steamer

Best Clothes Steamer

Most of our mothers stressed out because their laundry piles up easily, without us noticing. Especially when it is time to iron wrinkled clothes, aside from it takes their energy; it also cost a lot of electricity that will add up on our electric consumption. Good thing about garment steamers is that you don’t have … Read more

Best Travel Steamer

Whenever you want to look impeccably turned out, whether it’s for a business meeting, a formal event or a casual date, wearing clean and well-pressed clothes is a must. How do you keep this up if you’re constantly traveling? Although all hotels have laundry and ironing services, these can be costly. If you wish to … Read more