Cortex Flat Iron Review – How Does It Compare?

Cortex started selling hair styling products in 2004 and quickly became one of the most loved brands around the world. If you have normal, fine hair you will love Cortex flat irons. They offer both ceramic and titanium flat irons in several different colours.

Cortex Platinum 1 1/4 Petal Pink Series Flat Iron

Comparing Titanium and Ceramic Flat Irons

Titanium hair straighteners are typically more expensive but there are more differences between the two materials than just cost. Ceramic takes longer to heat up than titanium but tends to heat perfectly evenly even in cheaper ceramic flat irons. These irons also retain heat for quite a long time so you can be sure to get through all of your hair.

The main advantage of titanium is how quickly the flat iron heats up. Unlike other metals the heating tends to be quite even, although you want to stick with the top quality irons to be sure.

Titanium is also quite strong and most of these irons will last for several years. This makes the extra initial investment worthwhile for anyone who straightens their hair on a regular basis.

 Features of the Cortex Flat Iron

  • Whether you choose a titanium model or a ceramic model, the Cortex flat irons come with some pretty cool features:
  • A red LED lets you know when the iron is heating up; when it is fully heated the light goes off
  • Precise temperature control allowing you to prevent damage from overheating
  • Hooked ends so they can be easily hung/stored
  • Swivel cords designed to prevent tangling
  • These flat irons also come with a lifetime warranty which is quite impressive when compared to the typical 1-2 years offered by most companies.
  • Titanium Cortex Flat Irons also come with a protective styling glove to prevent you from burning yourself and a dual voltage option which makes it easier to control exactly how much heat hits each part of your hair.
  • You’ll also love the variety of colour and pattern options available for both ceramic and titanium flat irons. Cortex offers a much wider variety than most companies, allowing you to choose a hair straightener that expresses who you are as well as helping you look beautiful.


The Cortex flat irons are not very well designed for people with extremely long or thick hair as they don’t go up to the same high temperatures as other professional irons. Ceramic models aren’t as smooth as other models and can easily break off some of your hair if not used carefully.


Cortex flat irons are quite affordable and excellent for people with thin to moderate hair, particularly fine hair. They are not ideal for people with particularly thick or coarse hair. If your hair is extremely thick or coarse you will need to purchase a more professional quality hair straightener. Read our flat iron reviews guide.