Crest White Strips Reviews

Crest White Strips

Crest Whitestrip bleaches the stains on your teeth to make them look whiter. The strips, which contain a peroxide gel, are applied on your teeth for the whitening effect. While you may have already been seeing improvements with your dental treatments, it is still important to use the Crest Whitestrips to keep your teeth’s whiteness. This article will give you a comprehensive review of the product, as well as instructions on how to use it.

How to Use

You will probably give this teeth whitening product a shot after reading this article. Below are quick and easy steps to use the strips properly and achieve the best results:

  • Clean your teeth: Use a clean towel and pat your teeth dry to remove the excess moisture. The strips will hold on better on your teeth when clean, but not yet brushed.
  • Open the pouch with caution: The strips are in pairs, one for the upper teeth and the other for the lower teeth. Carefully tear open the pouch to reveal the two strips, in which the larger one is for the upper teeth. The side facing upward is the one with the whitening.
  • Peel off the plastic cover when you are ready: Keep the strips covered until you are ready to apply them as they are fragile. Avoid disturbing the side of the strip that has the whitener.
  • Apply the strip on your teeth: Align the strip carefully with your teeth, and use the gum line as your guide. Placing the strip may not be perfect, but do the best you can.
  • Press the strip gently into place: This will make sure that it sticks to your teeth.
  • Wash your hands after: Some of the whitening agent will surely be on your hands, and may have some effect on the surfaces that you touch. You may notice a burning or tingling sensation on your skin when you forget to wash your hands. This is because of the peroxide content of the whitener, so wash your hands afterwards before you accidentally touch your eyes.

Possible Side Effects

This product has received numerous positive customer reviews. However, it is still best to know its possible side effects that you might encounter, such as:

Irritated gums

Gum irritation happens because of the presence of peroxide gel in the strips. This chemical is responsible for making your teeth white. However, peroxide may cause an unwanted reaction on your gums. Place the strips properly, and with caution, to prevent them from touching the gums and causing irritation. If you find the strips too big for your teeth, then you can cut them into smaller pieces to fit.

Yellow spots

Some areas may be left untreated because of the shape of the strips. They cannot get in between the teeth, and do not always reach the curved bottom part. If there are yellow spots already present prior to the procedure, they will become more noticeable once you apply the strips.

Sensitive teeth

Overuse of this product can damage your teeth, and may require a major treatment. It will be wise to speak to your dentist before applying this whitening strip. Furthermore, make sure that you are not suffering from any gum disease or cavities as the strips can irritate these areas.

What Users Think

This product generally had a positive feedback from its users. Some experienced a bit of sensitivity at first, but this eventually disappeared and the teeth whitening happened. The strips are easy to use, as well. They stick and come off easily. There were customers who felt that they needed more time before the improvements become noticeable. However, others claimed they saw results in just a few days.


The Crest White Strips provide an effective solution to your yellowish teeth. Some customers saw results in just a few days, but others said they needed more time. The strips can be challenging to apply at first, but you will eventually get the hang of it.

This product does not come cheap, and some complain that it is expensive. Despite its steep price tag, the results are well worth the cost. If you have teeth issues, it will be wise to consult your dentist prior to using this product to avoid experiencing the possible side effects.