Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

Say goodbye to your paramedical makeup kit and move towards Dinair Airbush Make Up Kit. This innovative approach promises a flawless and ultra smooth covering that can hide even those ugly scar marks brought by acne!

Great for melasma or acne

Product is waterbased so there will be no cross contamination to aggravate breakouts (if you have some). It covers dark spots and acne scars that have been there for quite a time. This product totally covers up the hideous melasma. Airbrushing steadily allows for a smoother finish you’d think you never had melasma at all!


Makeup lasts for more than 24 hours which is what attracts those who have a busy lifestyle.  No more time spent at the washrooms this time because once makeup is applied, it can stay there longer without thinking how you’d look after a couple of hours. What catches more attention is it only needs 2 to 3 drops at a time!

Home airbrush makeup kit reviews

Other features and benefits:

  • Champagne Silver Compressor
  • Comes in Sparkling Red, Glossy Black or Pearl White and 5 other shades
  • Sweatproof and Waterproof, Lasts 24 hrs. or longer. No More touch ups!
  • MADE IN USA! High Quality
  • 1-yr Manufacturer Warranty, Easy to Learn DVD tutorial
  • Comes with zippered Travel Bag

Customer Reviews and Ratings

This one’s perfect for airbrushing numerous people in one day which means, it is a valuable product for beauty salons as well as for individuals. Some users say that the product stayed long in their possession; equivalent to saying that this has REAL QUALITY! It is a far cry from our medieval makeup tools that need to be assisted by hands or brushes. Brushes may flare up some skin infection while this technique can only perform in a flash without touching the skin. Only makeup touches the skin to be exact.

The compressor itself is tiny but for a low-priced product, the Dinair Airbrush Makeup Kit performs well for what it is made of. Besides, it comes fairly quiet unless you place it on a ceramic sink like many people do, you’d surely get extra noise. Some users say that after a couple of uses the gun doesn’t perform well enough. But what some wise users do is wet dock the gun after use. Somehow, this product earned has earned exceptional user reviews online.

Should You Buy It?

Every product requires learning as it teaches you how to use it effectively and with ease. This item includes a manual to make it easier for you to operate. All you have to do is clean it regularly and never worry about clogging; learn to we dock after using it. The product is highly recommend for just about any woman on earth.