GVP Flat Iron Reviews

If you’re looking at buying your first gvp flat iron, then you should be looking at how they perform and what makes them very popular with today’s buyers. Since it is a bit expensive, you can look at where it surpasses other brands and models that people are buying. You will find how its features come in handy for every purpose you may have and how it makes your ironing experience more convenient.

Best GVP Flat Iron

GVP Black Ceramic Flat Iron 1 Inch

Why we voted for this product:

  1. This gvp flat iron has 29-heat settings @ 160°F- 450°F
  2. Energy saver with auto safety shut-off after 60 mins. of usage
  3. Users are satisfied with convenience of usage

GVP Flat Iron Reviews

Product Description
User Experience
Price Level
Our Rate
GVP Hot Pink Ceramic Flat Iron 1 Inch Fitted with ceramic plates infused with Ionic technology; highly adjustable temperature control up to 420 degrees; 9 feet long swivel cord makes flipping or flattening hair easy Very GoodModerate4.5 / 5
GVP Digital Ceramic Flat Iron Heating plates made of 100% solid ceramic for fast heat up performance; 1” wide plates perfect for different hair types & lengths; 29 temperature settings from 160 to 450 degrees maximumVery GoodHigh4.8 / 5
GVP Black Ceramic Flat Iron 1 Inch 100% solid ceramic 1” wide plates for different hair types; adjustable temperature with a dial; heats up as soon as it is turned on with temperature of up to 420˚ with fast heat recoveryExcellentModerate5.0 / 5

GVP stands for Generic Value Products. These flat irons quite affordable and prices are based according to features and convenience. While other brands stand by their reputation of years in service or just the market hype, gvp flat irons are built to satisfy the needs of people, whether they be professional hairstylists, beginner hairstylists, or just plain housewives who are looking to change their image.

The company knows that there are several requirements that need to be catered so they created their flat iron line with customers’ needs in mind. If others say that these products do not provide the pros the kind of level of performance they expect, the company could prove them wrong. Below are our reviews for the top rated gvp flat irons.

GVP Hot Pink Ceramic Flat Iron 1 Inch

This flat iron is built especially for girls. With a pink color scheme, sleek, and simple design, this 1-inch product is a proven winner because it performs just as good as it looks.


  • Ceramic plates
  • Ionic technology
  • Curved edges
  • 9” swivel cord
  • Adjustable temperature up to 420 degrees

Heating System: It has an advanced heating system with ceramic plates that make it easy to heat as it is infused with Ionic technology. This innovation uses negative ions that removes frizz from the hair after each straightening process. The negative ions lessen water molecules on the hair to generate a silkier and shinier appearance. The plates of this gvp hair straightener have rounded edges that allows for easy curling and flipping. This versatility in function creates a more effective and carefully engineered tool for home and salon use.

Temperature Control: Temperature control is highly adjustable to 420 degrees maximum. Therefore, you can use the different levels for various types of styling.

Ease of Usage: With a swivel cord that is 9” long, flipping or flattening hair is quite easy and you don’t need any twisting movement to go about different hairstyles.

GVP Digital Ceramic Flat Iron

The GVP Digital Ceramic Flat Iron makes you experience salon styling at home. It is loaded with features and surprisingly low-priced.


  • 100% solid ceramic heating plates
  • Digital temperature control: 160 – 450 degrees
  • 29 temperature settings
  • 9” swivel cord
  • Ergonomic and sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Beveled edges

Heating System: Since the heating plates are composed of 100% solid ceramic, this implement can heat up fast and ready for performing its job. The plates are 1” wide and can take on different hair types and lengths.  This unit can transform a dull-looking hair into pleasing curls and outstanding looking waves in a few minutes.

Temperature Control: The most significant feature lies on this tool’s digital temperature control. With its 29 temperature settings, you can start reinventing your looks in due time. Temperature ranges from 160 to a maximum of 450 degrees which is perfect to use from fine to thick hair.

Ease of Usage: This iron is compact and has an ergonomic handle for total user experience. It is equipped with a built-in 9”swivel cord that rotates a full 360 degrees. You can move it easily without suffering from aches usually experienced when several twists are done during the process. The plates are designed with beveled edges that makes it convenient when doing waves and curls.

GVP Black Ceramic Flat Iron 1 Inch

This flat iron levels above over expensive high-end flat irons in many ways. It has advanced features that you may not find in low-priced flat irons sold today. With a compact and thin design, this lightweight unit makes way for better user experience like no other.


  • 100% solid ceramic plates with instant heating
  • Ionic technology
  • Temperature settings: variable up to 420 degrees
  • 9” swivel cord
  • Light and slim body

Heating System: With 100% solid ceramic blade construction this one offers the finest heating solution for even the dullest hair in town. It uses the famous Ionic technology which utilizes negative ions. These negative ions eliminate static from the hair and ensures natural luster in a few minutes.

It has 1” wide plates that tackles different types of hair and can transform hair of different textures into attractive manes.

Temperature Control: Temperature control is adjustable and fitted with a dial that allows for choosing various ranges of heat. Heating time is almost instantaneous after you turn it on and temperature can go up to 420 degrees. Heat recovery is fast as you change from one heat level to another.

Ease of Usage: Its swivel cord is 9 feet long just like other GVP models. This featured cord guarantees you with tangle-free hair as you can flip hair without bothering to twist your hand. Edges of plates are curved for more versatility in styling. With features belonging to high-end units and bought at a lower cost, the GVP flat iron models could be the first three things on your shopping list. Who cares about the leading brands when there are some units which can provide you with more value for a smaller amount of money?