Herstyler Flat Iron Review

flat iron for your hair is the best tool if you want to try various styling processes. However, selecting the best for your purpose is a bit complex. To do away with this predicament, you should be good at reading reviews and joining forums to know what people have been using. This could save you from buying the wrong kind, and most of all—money and frustration.

Our Top Choice

Herstyler Colorful Seasons Hot Pink Flat Iron

Why we chose this:

  1. Fast heat-up solid ceramic plates with adjustable temperature
  2. Price is super affordable
  3. Ultra-lightweight design

Let’s take a look at the types of flat irons that Herstyler offers.  This company is known for its high end hair care products and guarantees you the best results for every hair styling need. They are designed to offer consumers with smart technology aside from runway hairstyles that can make you dazzle and stand out from the crowd. Below are some of its new offerings.

Top Rated Herstyler Flat Iron Review

Herstyler Colorful Seasons Purple Flat Iron Straightener

This adorable and sleek flat iron is designed with a purple body and great styling in mind. The heating surface is done in ceramic and the plates provide fast and constant heating ability. The iron heats up in just 25 minutes to a maximum of 460° and stand to provide you with a shiny, frizz-free hair without damage at all!

You can take advantage of this feature if you have hair that is hard to deal with. Another thing you can achieve is shorter time of operation compared to other brands. It is specially-designed for better handling.

Herstyler Pink Leopard Hair Straightener

If you love animal prints, this pink leopard-designed hair straightener is perfect for you. Combining a fabulous design with high-end performing flat iron amazes many users. It uses titanium plates which can easily conduct heat up to 460° at the maximum. All you have to do is plug it, adjust your desired heat level, wait for 25 seconds and there you go!

Say goodbye to bulky flat irons of yesteryears and say hello to this ergonomically-designed item. This lightweight product has a dual voltage feature which it even handy when traveling.

User Feedback
Price Level
Our Rate
Herstyler Colorful Seasons Purple Flat Iron Straightener Designed with great style, heating surface is made of ceramic; plates allow fast & constant heating that heats up in 25 mins to 460° max; shorter time of operation Excellent4.5 / 5
Herstyler Pink Leopard Hair Straightener High-end performance & ergonomic design; uses titanium plates that easily conduct heat to a max of 460°; dual voltage device that takes 25 secs to heat upGood4.0 / 5
Herstyler Colorful Seasons Hot Pink Flat Iron 1.25” flat iron with sleek & elegant features; heating plates made up of easy heat-up solid ceramic; onic technology produces smoother hair without frizz; lightweight body has varied temperature settings from 180° to 460° Very Good4.4 / 5
Herstyler Black Ceramic Super Styler Flat Iron Black ceramic float-on-air plates made of Onyx create impeccable evenly distributed heating power; features MCH ceramic heater for curling, flipping, or straightening hair; temperature levels are variable up to 500° Very Good4.2 / 5
Herstyler Classic Forever Ceramic Flat Iron Features classic design & advanced technology + top end performance; fitted with enhanced ceramic heating plates to flatten follicles gently; heating adjustments up to 460° ideal for coarse, fine, or problematic hair types & 360° swivel cordVery Good4.4 / 5
Original HerStyler Ceramic Hair Straightener Equipped with easy glide ceramic heating plates for fast heat up; heats to a maximum of 400° & accommodates any type of hair texture; plates are approximately 1.5” wide catching more hair heated in one passGood3.9 / 5

Herstyler Colorful Seasons Hot Pink Flat Iron

This 1.25” hot pink colored flat iron from Herstyler is a beautiful addition to your hair and beauty kit. With a sleek and elegant feature such as this, your friends would easily rave about it. Its heating plates are made up of solid ceramic which easily heats up to perform your styling requirements.

Hair becomes smoother and you can do away with the frizz that has been bothering you for so long which its ionic technology takes care of. It features a lightweight body and temperature control that ranges from 180° to 460° which makes it versatile than any other brand.

Herstyler Black Ceramic Super Styler Flat Iron

This flat iron with plates done in ceramic is colored black to suit your elegant lifestyle. Its Onyx ceramic plates create an impeccable heating power that is evenly distributed through the strands. It features MCH ceramic heater which allows for curling, flipping, or straightening hair. So, you’d get whatever style you want—anytime. The temperature levels are variable just like other high-end hair heating tools and nothing seems to be difficult to achieve.

What makes it unique is it can heat up to 500° so it can tackle every type of hair it made available to.  Its plates are designed to float on hair as it smoothly as possible and heats up follicles without damaging any part of your hair.

Herstyler Classic Forever Ceramic Flat Iron

In terms of classic design, advanced technology and top end performance, nothing beats the HerStyler Classic flat iron. It is fitted with enhanced ceramic heating plates that allows for flattening follicles without damage. This item has variable heating adjustments and can go as far as 460° maximum heating capacity. Meaning, it can be used whether you have coarse, fine, or problematic hair type.

This is one reason why professionals favor this flat iron as they can do so many styles. Additional reason why you should get on to purchase this item is the 360° swivel cord that eliminates possible tangling while using it. This product has a 1 year warranty.

Original HerStyler Ceramic Hair Straightener

The Original Herstyler hair straightener is highly commendable for its use of color schemes. This item has a green body that looks catchy enough for the hip community. With ceramic heating plates that make it fast in heating up, this item performs its job fast and easy. No pulling or tugging of hair anymore because it glides through hair in a smooth fashion.

It heats to a maximum of 400° from a meager 180° level which can accommodate heating for any type of hair texture. The plates are approximately 1.5” wide which allows for more hair heated in one glide. It also comes in blue, red, and pink color varieties and carries a 1-year warranty.


It is highly suggested that you look into the type of heating plates fitted on a hair straightening item when choosing and take note of the size. Ceramics are great for different hair types and a 1.5” makes you take on more hair and save on electricity. Temperature control is also important so you can opt for what’s best for your desired styling. With a fast heating speed, you can also save on your power bill. To be sure of the product, it has to carry a warranty so you can get the value of your money.