Hot Tools Flat Iron Review

A high quality flat iron is an investment that will help you straighten and style your hair for many years to come. A Hot Tools flat iron is an excellent choice if you’re not prepared to spend a lot of money on a professional grade iron but you want something that offers high quality and convenient features.

Hot Tools is owned by Helen of Troy, an industry leader in the world of beauty products since 1968. Hot Tools is dedicated entirely to hair styling products and sells curling irons and hair dryers as well as flat irons.

Hot Tools Flat Iron


The standard Hot Tools flat iron comes with some pretty interesting features including combination plates which use ceramic tech under the titanium plates. This allows the heating to happen a little bit more evenly but does make it slightly slower than a regular titanium flat iron.

Here are some of the other features you’ll enjoy with a Hot Tools flat iron:

  • Plate coverings which protect the plates from wear and tear as well as making each pull smoothe
  • Lockable settings so you don’t have to worry about hitting buttons when you’re holding the flat iron
  • Rounded edges which help you avoid crimps
  • Several different temperature settings suitable for different types of hair
  • Light design which makes it easy to travel with
  • You’ll also love the price of this lovely flat iron—a mere $30 in many stores. Flat irons with this many features often cost over $100 so this is quite an excellent deal. It might not last you a lifetime like some of the highly professional models but this flat iron has a quite impressive lifetime for something in this price range.


  • There are a couple drawbacks to this model but the big one for most people is how easy it is to push the buttons accidentally while you’re using the flat iron because they’re on the outside, near the bottom of the handle. The locking feature does mostly make up for this but it can be a real pain if you forget to lock your settings in before use.
  • Another potential drawback is that the auto shutoff feature only works after 10 hours, making it all but useless for most regular people. If you really need a flat iron with a quick auto shut off to avoid burning your counters this is probably not the iron for you.
  • People with thick or coarse hair will find that this hair straightener can take quite a bit of time to be effective on their hair and may want to look into different brands.


If you can’t afford to invest in a professional quality flat iron but you want something that gives you temperature control and will last for a few years a Hot Tools flat iron is one of the best out there. At $30 you can buy it no matter what your budget is, and you will love this flat iron far more than you would like a generic $20 model. People with extremely thick or coarse hair will want to spend a bit more money to get something that’s even higher quality.