How to be Pretty

The truth about being pretty is that everyone has a different say about it. You might be pretty to many, but others will find you ordinary. It is impossible to please everyone. Being pretty is about being true to yourself and feeling great about how you look, regardless of what others will say. You just have to open your eyes, appreciate your unique beauty, and follow these tips below to boost your confidence and be prettier than ever.

How to be Pretty

Be yourself

The best way to be pretty is to be yourself and show others how happy you are with how you look. Attractiveness comes from how you act, and how people will perceive you. While being pretty is about confidence, it is also about being respectful, kind, and a good listener. It is basically about showing your inner beauty to other people.  People are often attracted to the physical appearance at first, but they will eventually see and appreciate your inner beauty. Studies show that people tend to re-assess a person’s attractiveness once they have seen the good traits.

Maintain hygiene and good dental health

Brush your teeth twice a day to improve your general health and appearance. Visit your dentist regularly. Using a mouthwash will help enhance your breath, but the best way to keep your breath smelling great is to brush your tongue. Use a dental floss to clean the areas that your toothbrush cannot reach, including the gum line and between the teeth to prevent plaque and cavity build-up. Acidic and sugary foods can also damage your teeth.

Take good photos

A good photo will help you feel better about yourself. Collect photos that show your beauty, and look at them whenever you feel down. These will remind you that you are awesome as you are. Selfies are, somehow, great because you can control how you want to present yourself and boost your self-confidence.

Improve your confidence

Your confidence matters a lot when it comes to increasing your attractiveness. People will see and feel how confident you are with how you look, and this will create a positive impact on yourself and on others. It is important to improve your physical appearance, but it is even more important to focus on your inner beauty. Practice good posture, be kind to others and learn to appreciate what you have.

Stay fit and healthy

Look after your body, even if you do not have any pre-existing medical or physical condition. Being healthy is a great way to become prettier while allowing yourself to live better and longer in the process. If you are fit and healthy, you will be more confident. Exercising regularly will boost your mood and focus, and even help you get adequate quality sleep.

Smell great everyday

Your scent matters. A dirty body and clothing will smell unpleasant. Keep yourself clean and neat. You can either let your natural odor bring out the best in you or choose the right scent to further boost your confidence. Find products with a scent that you truly appreciate, such as body lotions and perfumes. Some people like refreshing scents, while others want something floral or fruity. Despite the differences in preferences, make sure to minimize the use of artificial scents to prevent other people from feeling overwhelmed with your smell.

Wear clothes that flatter you

Choose clothes that will flatter your skin tone, body type, and – of course – personality. There is no need to follow fashion trends that you dislike, anyway. Opt for a style that will show people your true beauty. Wearing the right set of clothing that fit perfectly will make you feel more confident about your appearance. There is no need to spend a fortune on expensive outfits that you will only rarely wear. Make sure that the clothes you purchase for everyday wear will always make you feel your prettiest.

Use makeup sparingly

Makeup is not used to change your look but should be applied to enhance your features and hide the unpleasant ones. While it is completely okay to use makeup to cover your face, most people will find you attractive when you know how to highlight your best features. Experiment with makeup to see how it can enhance your beauty without looking like a totally different person. It is also possible to do natural makeup, so you will always look blooming without other people noticing that you are actually wearing makeup.

Take care of your hair

Your hair is your crowning glory. Keep it healthy, and it will appear soft and shiny. Your hair may be one of the first features that people will focus on when they see you. Whether it is long, short, curly, fine, straight, or wavy, choose a hairstyle that will look great on you. It is normal to experience a bad hair day once in a while, but your hair should stay healthy and neat.

Keep skin healthy

A radiant and healthy skin will surely boost your self-confidence. Many people suffer from skin imperfections, like acne, but this can be addressed when you see a dermatologist. Your skin problems should not stop you from feeling and being pretty. Talk to your trusted doctor and look after your skin as advised. Drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly will also help enhance your skin.

Think positive

Pessimism will just rob your confidence and make you feel more awful, instead of pretty. If you think you are ugly, then your brain will accept it as true and further destroy your self-esteem. Again, confidence plays a significant role in being pretty. Stop the negativity, and start seeing the good in yourself and other people. You are in control of your heart and mind.

Go ahead, accept compliments

Thank people who offer you a compliment, and never think of it as a joke. You are attractive and awesome, so you deserve to receive compliments. Accepting one does not mean you are arrogant, but you are free to turn down any uncomfortable or unpleasant compliments. It is your right to draw a line, and block those who attempt to cross it. Let the good ones make your day, and never let the bad ones ruin your mood.

Know that beauty is subjective

It is extremely important to accept the fact that beauty standards are totally subjective. The definition of beauty will depend on what society sees as attractive. Unfortunately, girls tend to feel forced to live up to these standards that are most likely impossible. Remember that the key to being pretty is to feel great about yourself and accept who you are.

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