Instyler Wet to Dry Reviews

The InStyler Wet-to-Dry is a styling and drying hairbrush that provides a fantastic solution to quick hairstyling. This 2-in-1 device can both dry and curl your hair at the same time, perfect for people with busy lifestyles. You can use the InStyler on your towel-damped hair to give you that sexy and sleek look without the need for blow-drying. This dual-function hairbrush can help shave a few minutes from your usual styling time. It means you are ready to go out for work, a big event, or a girl’s night out in no time.

Instyler Wet to Dry Review


The InStyler Wet-to-Dry hair brush has plenty of awesome features to offer, namely:

  • Heated Rotating Barrel: distributes heat evenly to protect hair from damage while polishing it for a smooth and shiny finish
  • Air-intake Vents: draw in cool air to get rid of water from your hair as the barrel whisks away the water from your hair
  • Precision-aligned Bristles: multiple rows of bristles will help align the hair, while releasing negative ions to trap the moisture for a healthy and shiny hair.
  • Tourmaline-ceramic Floating Plate: works with rotating barrel to reduce frizz without crushing or creasing the hair.
  • Three-heat settings: work great on fine, medium, and thick hairs, with the temperature ranging from 285 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Thirty-second Rapid Heating: can hit your desired temperature in just 30 seconds.
  • Automatic Shut-off: this happens after every discontinued use.
  • Six-inch Swivel Cord: allows for mobility as you style your hair.

How it Works

Using this hair styling tool is a breeze. This product is said to dry and curl your hair simultaneously, which could be helpful to many users. It is one of the many products under the brand, along with the InStyler Max and the original InStyler that remain to be a crowd-favorite. The Wet-to-Dry works by rotating the heated titanium barrel to whisk the excess water, while allowing you to comb and curl your hair at the same time.

Most wet-to-dry products tend to trap the damp hair between the two hot plates. The heat can boil the water in your hair, and will most likely result in hair damage. The InStyler hairbrush, however, is capable of taking the water out of each strand by whisking and venting it away. This technology will also make you skip the blow-drying process, and still achieve that blowout look without worrying about damage.

Available Options

The InStyler Wet-to-Dry hairbrush comes in two options. The large barrel is 1.25-inch thick and is available in colors purple and pink. It can dry your hair as it styles, as well as straightens and polishes. This option is capable of creating waves and loose curls, helping your hair build volume.

The small barrel, meanwhile, is 3/4-inch thick. It is also available in colors purple and pink. This version, like the large barrel, can also dry as it styles. It is capable of creating tighter curls, and styling closer to the roots. This one is perfect for people with bangs and short hair.

Instyler Pros and Cons

Users of the InStyler Wet-to-Dry have had different reviews. It seems that this product produces different results on each hair type. Customers with thicker hair said the product cannot dry in just one pass, and that the curling feature works best on nearly dry or dry hair. Others found that this styling tool is best suited for lightly damp or dry hair, and not the out-of-shower wet.

Despite these comments, the product was able to shave a few minutes from the customer’s’ styling time. People who used the product on lightly-damp hair claimed that the drying worked great, while those with towel-dried hair said it took them a while to dry their hair. Reviewers seemed to be happy with its curling feature. You can opt to test the product and see how it will respond to your hair. Users are generally satisfied, despite some flaws.


The InStyler Wet-to-Dry styling tool offers a great solution to simultaneous drying and styling. This product is capable of working on your wet hair to dry it up and curl it. It is said that this styling tool can help you save more time as it works two ways. While some customers said it does not work well on towel-damp hair, this product was still able to deliver great results

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