How To Get Rid of Neck Fat (10 Exercises Included)

Fat around the neck tends to be more prominent than fat in other body parts since it’s close to the face.  Excess fat can also call unnecessary attention because it looks unpleasant.  At the same time, those pounds are difficult to lose.  The good news is that by following the right diet, exercising regularly and caring for your skin, you can beat neck fat for good!

8 Ways to Lose Neck Fat

1. Do aerobic exercise

Engaging in cardiovascular activity will help you shed those unwanted fats and calories.  In addition to that, it will improve your heart health to protect it against diseases, high blood pressure and stroke.  It’s recommended that you do aerobic exercises for at least 150 hours a week.  You can try a variety of exercises such as running, cycling or swimming.

2. Eat less calories

Counting calories is another tried and tested method for losing weight and cutting down your overall body weight will also lead to fat loss in different parts of your body including your neck.  Aim to lessen your intake of calories by at least 500 calories and if you really want to lose weight, keeping your daily calorie count to 1500 is generally the mark to aim for. If you have never tried counting your calories before, start with preparing a daily diet plan that will not go above a certain number of calories and make sure you stick to it.

3. Choose whole grains

Whole grains such as whole wheat bread, oats and brown rice have more nutrients and are digested better than processed white bread and rice.  You will also find more fiber in whole grains compared to refined carbohydrates.  The fiber will help stave off hunger pangs and cravings and let you feel more satisfied for a longer period of time.

4. Try strength training

You can increase the effectiveness of your workouts and current aerobic exercise program with strength training.  You can choose from different activities and be sure to work on different muscle groups.  Don’t just concentrate on one area.  Some strength training activities you can perform are weight lifting and mobility-focused exercises like pilates.


5. Consume more vegetables and fruits

To help you avoid loading up on empty calories and fats, replace these with more fruits and vegetables in your diet.  These are low in calories while providing plenty of essential nutrients as well as fiber for a healthy digestion.  You’ll feel fuller longer while avoiding excess calories.

6. Switch to more plant based protein

Protein is a must for a healthy and complete diet and it’s especially important for providing you with the energy you need when you exercise.  For a healthier and less fattening alternative, choose plant based proteins: beans, lentils, oats, green peas, nuts, tofu and tempeh (I personally frickn love Beyond Burgers).  Portion control is still vital but you’ll need a bigger serving if you actively and frequently exercise.

7. Care for the skin around your neck

If you want your neck to look better, you need to take care of your skin to avoid darkening, premature aging or sagging.  Prolonged exposure to the sun will also damage your skin.  Look for skincare products that provide hydration as well as sun protection.

8. Try exercises for the neck

Here are some suggested neck exercises to avoid neck stiffness and keep your neck supple and toned.  These exercises will not directly slim down your neck but they can help to tone the muscles around the face, chin and jaw which helps accentuate any weight loss.


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