Luminess Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

The Luminess Airbrush Makeup Kit promises a simple and fast learning curve and provides users with everything needed to start applying makeup airbrushed style. With a 3-speed compressor that can facilitate different types of application, who can ask for more?

If you are tired of using your fingers to even out your foundation, there is nothing else you would want to have more than a tool that can offer you with the right makeup application using just a little time. How time flies—we now have innovations around us that can eliminate stressful situations and luckily, this product is among them.

Luminess Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

Complete cover up

This system helps in minimizing pores, wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tones fast. Not that you age less, but the fact that it has the ability to hide age is a good idea. The makeup itself is weightless and you will never look fake unlike the traditional foundations of yore. It blends into skin seamlessly, allowing for a more confident look.

Stay fresh all day

You can look and stay fresh the whole day through and would even feel you’re not wearing makeup at all! It doesn’t crease, it doesn’t cake and the best thing is, middle-aged users claim they looked several years younger. You will certainly love how it feels on your skin. And that’s the way makeup should be and nothing else.


  • Kit includes a compressor, stylus & nozzle
  • Four (4) .25 oz foundations
  • One (1) .25 fl oz Blush
  • One (1) .25 fl oz Bronzer
  • One (1) .25 fl oz Glow or Pearlizer
  • One (1) .25 fl oz Primer / Moisturizer


Load a few drops of foundation in the stylus and pull the throttle slowly. Apply using a fine coating over face and neck.

Customer reviews and ratings

I doubted the capacity of this product at first but eventually, I got to see how it works, and it worked just fine for me. Lines gone, some years vanished with the disappearance of my wrinkles and all.

There are things that I didn’t like though. Bottles break simply by opening them. They leak all over everything. I lost nine bottles of liquid while traveling because they leaked. Source.

Product is rated 3.9 out of 5 stars in 287 reviews.

Should You Buy It?

Although there are minor glitches reported regarding this the Luminess Airbrush Makeup Kit, these issues cannot discount the possibility that this product is true to what it says when it comes to performance so I recommend it.