Supersmile Reviews


Supersmile is a teeth-whitening product that has been proven to make your smile brighter. This clinically-tested product is said to strengthen your teeth enamel, and take out the plaque. Supersmile is easy to use, too, and is safe even for caps, veneers, and dentures. It features Calprox, a proprietary whitening agent, along with two other active ingredients: fluoride and baking soda.


Its manufacturer claims that results may become visible in as early as 30 days of continuous usage. You will gradually see your teeth become a few shades lighter than their original color. Read on to know more about this amazing product and why you should invest in it.

Who can use it

The Supersmile teeth whitener is for anybody who wants to gently and safely brighten their smile without experiencing sensitivity. This side effect is usually experienced with other teeth whiteners because of the strong chemical content. To use the Supersmile, simply apply equal parts of the accelerator and toothpaste on your toothbrush, and brush your teeth for two minutes.

Repeat the process twice day for best results. You will gradually see your smile becoming brighter as the days pass by. What’s great about the Supersmile is that it rids your teeth of stains from tea, coffee, wine, tobacco, and certain food.

Quick facts

  • This whitening product uses the following ingredients: Calprox, baking soda, and fluoride.
  • These ingredients work to help maintain your teeth’s natural whiteness.
  • It has a net weight of 4.2oz.
  • There are five flavors available, too: original (minty), green apple, cinnamon, mandarin mint, and icy mint.

Where to purchase

You can buy Supersmile through its official website, and other online stores. It is also available in select pharmacies and beauty shops nationwide. The price may vary from $20 to $40. Most retailers offer the accelerator and toothpaste package for only $30, but the toothpaste alone usually sells for $20 more or less.

The Supersmile website allows you to buy through a 30- or 90-day system, and enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee. The whitening system usually includes the pre-rinse, toothpaste, accelerator, soft bristle toothbrush, and activating rods. There are also three bonus gifts included in the system: the whitening gum, polish, and handy shade guide.

First time users can avail the 90-day system payable in one month or in three monthly payments. There is also an auto-renewal program, where you will continue receiving the system and pay for them in installments. Whichever system or product you choose, Supersmile can definitely deliver results.

What customers think

Supersmile customers were generally happy with the outcome of the product. Online product reviews revealed that most users saw noticeable results. In fact, many of them reported seeing small improvements during the first week.

Some customers think the price is too much for a whitening toothpaste. There were users who said the cost of the whitening kit is already enough for you to purchase a top shelf or eight tubes of regular toothpaste. Despite such feedback, most users said the results were worth the price.

The length of time needed to start seeing improvements will vary from person to person. There were users who saw improvements during the first week, while others took more time to see the initial outcome. A lot of customers also loved the flavors available. They appreciated the minty feel of each flavor.


The Supersmile whitening system is, indeed, an effective way of making your smile brighter. It does not have the strong chemical that makes your teeth sensitive after every use. In fact, the product is safe on your dentures. While many users found the product too expensive, most of them said the results were well worth it.

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