Your Ultimate Guide To Everything Yoga Pants

Long gone are the days when only yogis or those hitting the gym would opt for a pair of lightweight, comfortable and often form fitting yoga pants. They are trendy, comfortable and wearable. And easily shift from one purpose to another. Women love to add a few each season to their wardrobes, each for their separate moods and needs. The most important thing to consider before buying another pair of yoga pants is to determine their purpose.

If buying to practice your yoga poses, workout or running, then breathable, durable and elastic pants should be the obvious choice. Breathable, elastic and stylish remains relevant even if the pants are paired with knee length boots, and jacket or with a casual shirt and/or pull-over for a more fun fashionable look. Cotton being the most breathable and comfortable material is the single most common fabric used. To add durability and ability to hold shape, the cotton is blended with spandex or made with microfiber. Wool blends are typically used for winter gear.

Things to Consider Before Buying:

Other things to consider about the shape and size include the length of the pant and the waistband. Anything that is longer than your ankles is bound to mess no matter if you are practicing yoga or not. Refer to a chart size when buying online. When purchasing offline, select the ones that fit just below you’re your bellybutton.

Yoga pants offer an elastic and thus extremely comfortable pants. Play with the waistband height that suits your needs. These range from low, to midrise and high waist.

Types and Styles of Yoga Pants:

Though the most popular yoga pants are the form fitting style, these pants come in a range of styles and shapes to suit everybody’s needs. Wear a capri length style if you tend to get hot, or one barely touching your ankle for more comfort. Besides the form fitting style, you can pick from straight-leg pants or bootcut. Straight leg pants are more suited for curvy women or ladies who don’t want to give away all their secrets;) The bootcut style tends to work better for petite women or women with larger things, as the wider leg opening complements the hips.

Traditionally worn in black or similar dark colors like navy or charcoal, yoga pants are available in a range of colors, as well as in chic prints and shiny materials. Chic prints can be worn anywhere with your favorite tops. Pick the shiny stuff only if you can pull it off in public, otherwise they are best suited for your practice session. Black being the classic color, can be worn anywhere with anything. You can even pair one with a dress in winters without getting noticed.

With just the right accessories, you can rock the comfort look. Depending on what you need them for, there is vast range of yoga pants you can choose from. Here are a couple of brands that offer great products, totally worth the money.

Quality Brands You Should Consider:

– Adidas Women
– Reebok
– Under Armour
– Beyond Yoga
– Outdoor Voices
– tanya-b
– Sweaty Betty
– Teeki
– Lululemon
– Wunder Under
– Noli Yoga
– Alo Yoga
– Human Performance Engineering
– Elektrix Love
– Terez
– Victorias Secret Yoga

Teeki Clouds Yoga Hot Pant

This environmentally conscious company fashions their activewear from 79% recycled water bottles (how cool is that!) and 21% spandex. Not only are they good for the planet but you will look and feel fabulous in them too. Technical features include moisture wicking to pull the sweaat away from your skin and keep you dry during practice. The material is chafe resistant, breathable and has a 4-way stretch built in. Side note: 4-way stretch means that the material stretches both vertcial directions & both horizontal directions. Just letting you guys know because I just had to google what it meant 😉 These pants are creative, artistic, fun and fashionable. Everybody loves their Teekis!

adidas Women’s Running Response Long Tights

Made for athletes and others engaging in intense workout. The tights are comfortable and offer great stretch. The fabric used, climalite, ensures that sweat stays away from your body as you perform your sun-salutations. Made with 83% polyester and 17% elastane, the pants have been weaved with a double knit, offering protection against cold exterior. The side inserts in contrasting colors lend a sense of freshness to the traditional gym wear. These have a sweat guard pocket to keep your essentials dry.

Under Armour ColdGear Leggings

Made to keep you warm as you stretch in the winters, these are super soft and light to the touch. Manufactured with polyester and elastane blend, these fit next to skin and very comfy. The dual layer keeps out the cold, while the moisture transport system keeps you dry. And ribbed side panels allows the gear to mold around the body as you practice various postures. Protected against microbes, it keeps you clean and fresh. The seam is tight and adjusted to allow comfortable postures without cutting into thighs. The flat waistband has a hidden pocket for your gear.

Outdoor Voices Two-Tone Warmup Legging

The signature dual color textured leggings from Outdoor Voices are sure to please you. They offer great support and stretching during your yoga practice. Comfort wear for your jogging, running or routine chores. Great stretch, soft feel and skin tight. Completely opaque yoga pants provide full coverage of your body as you unwind. Holds out moisture from your body. The 86% polyester and 14% Spandex blend is soft, light, and comfortable. Comes with a hidden pocket in the waistband.

Noli Yoga “Tree of Life” Leggings

Super cool pants that will be a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, made to draw compliments. Made with a 88% polyester and 12% Spandex blend. Comes with a pocket and triangle gusset. Fits well to your body, draws out moisture from your body to the exterior of the leggings, dries quickly. Offering a tight feeling and great stretch, it is perfect for your yoga or workout classes. Looks equally great when dressed up for a casual or funky look.

hpe Snakeskin Yoga Leggings

These super stylish and super soft leggings make a statement. Stretch in style with these comfortable leggings. Made with 80% nylon and 20% spandex, the leggings are protected against bacterial or moisture build up. Allowing you to work out without worrying about sweat and germs. The compression technology enhances blood flow and reduces fatigue.

Terez Women’s Black and White Glitter Performance Capri Leggings

Another funky addition to your wardrobe, the shiny leggings are for the bold. Made with 80% polyester and 20% spandex, these yoga pants are slim fit, stretchable and quite comfortable. It comes with an elastic waistline to offer comfort and ease. The glitter isn’t real, it is the photo-real print of real glitter. So that it creates an illusion of shiny, without causing discomfort. The fabric is light and breathable and transports away sweat from your body. Channel your inner star with the shiny pair.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these. Pick a pair or two that you love & rock ’em!