Your Go-To Guide On Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Applying makeup is an integral part of our daily routine. When applied perfectly, makeup can cover the imperfections, scars and other marks and bring out your best features. But when done wrong, you can end up enhancing the flaws you want to hide.

One of the most crucial tools required for applying makeup is a lighted makeup mirror. The right kind of lighting can make your makeup look like it was applied by a professional makeup artist. It can help you get those perfect winged eyeliner and the perfectly lined lips. There are multiple benefits of owning a lighted makeup mirror:

Better Results

To get the best finish on the foundation and eyeshadows, makeup needs to be done with proper natural lighting. However, it is not possible for all of us to do our makeup outdoors in the natural sunlight. When we do makeup indoors, whether it is the bedroom or the bathroom, the lighting is far from perfect.

Sometimes there are shadows on your face and you can’t see your whole face properly. A lighted mirror will illuminate your whole face with white light that is best for doing makeup. This will ensure that your foundation matches your skin and gives that no-makeup naturally glowy look to the skin. The yellow light from bulbs can often hide the imperfections you want to hide through makeup. And how can you conceal the imperfections which you cannot see while applying concealer? A lighted makeup mirror will show you everything as it appears under natural sunlight so that you can get that flawless makeup.

Tweeze with Ease

A lighted mirror is not just for makeup, it can be very helpful for tweezing your eyebrows. With a lighted mirror, you can see even the tiny hairs and tweeze like a professional. Lighted mirrors also come with magnification which can be really helpful while tweezing. As there are different levels of magnification available be sure to choose one that is just enough. When the magnification level is too high, you can end up over-plucking your eyebrows that can in turn even lead to breakouts sometimes. 

Mirror for Shaving

Sometimes while shaving, there are certain areas that are not easily visible while looking directly, for example, the back of your thighs. The mirror in the bathroom may not be suitably located for you to use while shaving. At times like this, a lighted mirror can show you those hidden areas and you can help you get those smooth hair-free legs. 

No Strain

Without proper lighting, you end up straining your eyes to get a better makeup application. This is can lead to headaches and fatigue. You definitely don’t want your day to begin like that. And the constant strain on the eyes can lead to side effects which will be noticeable only after some time and not immediately. 

Makeup anywhere, anytime

With a lighted mirror, you won’t be limited to one particular corner of the house where you get enough light. You can do your makeup wherever you wish and the results will always be consistent and flawless. Going for a romantic dinner or for a fun night out? You definitely want to look your best and want your makeup to be on point. With a normal mirror, this would become difficult as the amount of natural light available is almost close to zero and you have to rely on fluorescent lights or not enough light. But with a lighted mirror, you can achieve consistently good makeup irrespective of the time of the day. 

Experiment with Confidence

Haven’t you ever looked at photos of celebrities at special events and wondered how that makeup will look on you? Aren’t there days when you are bored and you would like to experiment with different colors on your eyes and lips? Trying out different looks is not really possible when you are in a hurry in the morning. But when you do feel like experimenting and have the time to experiment, a lighted makeup mirror can take your experience to a completely different level. You can practice getting those perfect pouts like Kylie Jenner or a winged eyeliner look with the wings matching on botheyes. 

Find the Correct Foundation

Sometimes as time passes, with exposure to different elements and skincare, your skin tone can change. You may have become more tanned or you may have gotten rid of the tan you previously had. This means that the foundation you use needs to be changed to match with your changing skin. Sometimes mixing two different shades can result in your true match. One of the key factors while checking foundation is the lighting. If you apply foundation in poor lighting, it may look good then, but when you step out into the sunlight you may realize that the shade was too dark or too light for you. This will look very jarring and your face and body will be of different shades. However, with good lighting, there are no chances of this happening. In a lighted mirror, your skin will look the same way it looks under natural light and you can be sure that your foundation looks the same as your skin. 

Travel Mirrors

Well, you have a huge lighted mirror at home for makeup. But what do you do while traveling? We want to look our best in the photos as, after all, these are the means by which the holiday will be remembered once it is over. When you look good in those photos you will feel good about yourself everytime you look at them. You can buy portable lighted mirrors that are easy to carry around and some can even be carried in your handbag. These are great for touch-ups while traveling

LED lights

Most of the lighted mirrors nowadays have LED lights. These reduce the power consumption but don’t compromise on illumination. LED lights also last longer and provide more even light distribution.There are a variety of factors to consider before buying a lighted mirror. Do you want the mirror to be stationary or would you prefer moving it? What is the level of magnification you would prefer? What is the ideal size for you? Find out here: .

As the requirements vary from person to person, you need to evaluate your needs before buying one for yourself. Whatever may be the size or magnification of the mirror, you can be sure of one thing. Once you get a lighted makeup mirror, your makeup game will improve by leaps and bounds.