Write For Us

Are you a health and beauty blogger, interested in sharing your experience or a freelance writer looking to add to your writing portfolio?

I’m very accepting of any well-written beauty guest posts if you wish to write for us!

Make sure you are familiar with our beauty blogger contributor guidelines before submitting:

Beauty Guest Posts

  • All articles must be relevant to a 99% female audience and we prefer articles related to beauty, lifestyle, health and wellness, fitness and fashion.
  • Articles must obviously be unique (I check).
  • 600 words minimum, pre-formatted as a text doc so that I can copy and paste right into wordpress, well written etc
  • Use H3s for sub headings to break up walls of text.
  • Do not insert images (I supply those)
  • My preference is for your article to target a low to medium competition keyword (actually write about something people are actively searching for in Google – not just a general, typical guest post fluff piece)
  • Include 1 link within the body of your article to another article on my website (internal link).
  • I prefer a handful of outbound links per article to related content, not just links to your own websites.
  • You may link to your own site, where it is relevant to do so, from the content area of your article.
  • Regarding in-content links, they are do follow, however I do check each link inserted and I’m not stupid either (it’s really not hard to spot a link placed purely for SEO benefit, for an SEO client etc). I strip out all links that look suspicious. If the link genuinely adds value to the article or is a genuine reference point, they will stay. The best place to put self-serving links is in an author bio.
  • Sorry to sound like a bitch, but if your guest post is crappy, I’ll reject it.
  • Sorry to sound like a bitch again, however if your guest post is of an ok standard, but just looks like a blatant attempt at link building your own site/a client’s site, I’ll either strip the links and publish, or no-follow the links and I’m guessing you probably don’t want that.
  • To summarize, send me a good quality article, pre-formatted as a text doc, with relevant contextual links and feel free to put in a bio box with self-serving links (non promotional) and you’ll most likely get published within 48 hours.

If you’re interested in submitting a beauty-related guest post, I will do my absolute best to publish it within 48 hours. Just send it to andrea ‘at’ allbeauty.news and I’ll get to it asap!

Stay Amazing!